Abraham Shreve

Abraham Shreve

 Allendale, Michigan, USA

David Coleman is known as The Dating Doctor.™ He has been honored fourteen times as The National Speaker of the Year— including 2013 AND was named the 2011 National Entertainer and Male Performer of the Year!


Abraham Shreve has been delighting audiences with his unique blend of humor and insight for more than 20 years. He is a sought after Relationship and Leadership speaker as well as a Sales and Marketing trainer. Convincing Terresa Nickle that she could not live without him is considered his greatest life achievement. 16 years and 4 beautiful children later, they continue to marvel at how different we all communicate.

Abraham is an avid rock climber and skier and has traveled the world experiencing new cultures. Yet, his greatest lessons have come in ways he never would have imagined. On October 31, 2009, while parked on the side of the road, he was hit head on by a drunk driver. He later recalled “I remember walking into my home after the accident and seeing my 3 kids all dressed up for Halloween. Suddenly all that had seemed so important just the day before was gone. What mattered most now were the people in my life.”
After his accident, Abraham utilized the power that exists within hope, passion, and the universal truths he has been sharing with audiences for almost two decades, to make a full recovery. His experience and passion for understanding this crazy world of relationships has helped thousands find hope, love, and excitement. You may be struggling to understand why men and women see the world so differently. You may be hoping to learn how to resolve conflict with a coworker. You may simply want to love and feel loved. Abraham Shreve provides the tools, understanding and much needed laughter to help you enjoy this most precious giftÂ…your relationships.