ABRAXAS - A Tribute To Carlos Santana

ABRAXAS - A Tribute To Carlos Santana


Abraxas is a musical tribute to the legendary Carlos Santana. It's all there. The propulsive Latin percussion, the fiery lead guitar, the groove that connects to the soul of the audience. Abraxas doesn't just play Santana's music, they recreate it in exquistite detail in a stunning musical tribute.


Abraxas is a group of seven world class musicians that perform a musical tribute to one of the world’s
finest musicians, the Carlos Santana. Based in Salt Lake City, UT, Abraxas has performed at festivals and concerts in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Finland, Japan, Taiwan, The
Cayman Islands, Panama, Puerto Rico, The US Virgin Islands, Jamaica, among other countries. Abraxas recreates the Santana experience in exquisite detail.

With their stunning show, you will be amazed by Abraxas' Latin Rock performance spanning five decades of Santana's hits. From the first album (Santana), the 2nd album (Abraxas) and all the way to the Ultimate Santana, with everything in between. Abraxas is beyond a tribute band, they are an awesome musical and spiritual experience.

The musicians in Abraxas immerse themselves in the awesome task of replicating Santana's music. We do this with stunning accuracy, spirit and soul. The members of Abraxas have recorded and toured with many different world class acts, and it shows when they perform their tribute to Santana. Abraxas understands the intricacies and variety of Santana's Latin and African rhythms, from the Cha Cha of Oye Como Va to the Son Montuno of Corazon Espinado. No other Santana tribute band plays them as authentically as does Abraxas.

Abraxas doesn't just "play" Santana's music, they recreate it in exquisite detail.

Unlike other Santana tribute bands that may have a percussionist or two, Abraxas is a true tribute to Carlos Santana. Guitar, keyboards, bass, drums and three (3) percussionists round out the group.

Set List

Abraxas is able to play up to 2½ hours of Santana's music. We can play 40 or 45 minutes sets, 1 hours sets or a show of 90, 120 or 150 minutes non-stop. We can accommodate the venues needs.
2009 Play List:
Da Le Yaleo
She’s Not There
Samba Pa Ti
Maria Maria
Corazon Espinado
Victory Is Won
Black Magic Woman
Gypsy Queen
Oye Como Va
Soul Sacrifice
No One To Depend On
E Papa Re
Written In Sand
Dance Sister Dance
Let The Children Play
Flor D’Luna
Evil Ways
Toussaint L’Overture
Incident At Neshabur