A Breath Beyond Broken

A Breath Beyond Broken



A Breath Beyond Broken is the result of dedication and creativity. Forming in late 2006, the band has always prided themselves in creating something original. AB3 injects life into their music though powerful yet meaningful lyrics which are conveyed by three distinct voices. The individuality of each song shows that they are not afraid to display power, technicality, melody, and ambiance. All of this is perfectly represented within their upcoming self-titled EP due out early 2009. They continue to turn heads throughout the northeast with their energetic but accurate live performance. There is no one word that can define A Breath Beyond Broken. They are a refreshing element in an over crowded and less than original scene.

For fans of: Alexisonfire, The Receiving End of Sirens, VersaEmerge, As Cities Burn


1) This is the Accident EP: Released in April 2007.
2) A Breath Beyond Broken: Releasing in March 2009.

Set List

Our set is anywhere from 25 minutes to 30 minutes of all original songs, including:
1) Suspension in Disbelief
2) Pigman
3) Red and Purple Eclipse
4) Resolve. Come Home
5) Against the World