A Brief Smile

A Brief Smile


"For fifty-seven minutes, A Brief Smile's Now We All Have Horns plays like an astral roller coaster to the moon. With a flawless balance between vocal melody and instrumental distortion."



New VIDEO (feat. music video for Never Have The Time) here:

Now We All Have Horns, the new self-produced album released by Wrecking Ball Music on October 3rd 2007.

It can be streamed in full online @


The music echoes of dreamy idealism and youthful lust, blasting along in an orgiastic fire of Rhodes-driven excess and feedback heavy guitar squalls. From the stark depictions of the lonesome detached situations in their lyrics to the crashing fervor and squalor of their choruses, the New York five piece are out to rethink expectations in sound and song alike, all the while grounding their melodies in classic pop influences. Buzzing with the energy of open-eyed youth and ambition with no end in sight. A Brief Smile, I think not.


Never Have The Time [VIDEO EP] - March 2008 - Wrecking Ball Music

Now We All Have Horns (Oct. 2007.) on Wrecking Ball Music

R.E.S.T. (2006) available on iTunes, Amazon.com and abriefsmile.com - Self-released

The Memory Loss EP (2004) - available on cdbaby.com - Self-released

Set List

Usually a 30 to 40 minute setlist made of songs from 2006's R.E.S.T. and an upcoming Summer 2007 release.

Typical Setlist:

never have the time
this machine
...and so it begins
escape art
bring us down
big sky