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Music for people who need to release & lose it!!!


Finally, a band with the intensity of those who did this genre best, Rage Against The Machine.
Front man Jenko spits socially conscious lyrics over dope drum beats, wicked metal riffs and roaring baselines. A must see live. Their forefathers Anthrax and Public Enemy would be proud to see these guys bring the noise.


Fed Up

Written By: A Broken Code

I am from what you call the third world; society plays blind to my part of the population and below the poverty line.
Sleep for dinner sometimes hollow inside, diminished pride so I can kind of sympathize
With those who feel it ten times more over, Cambodia East Timor, Haiti, Angola.
The fact is there’s enough food to feed the masses, one class keeps the wealth to themselves and never pass it.
So when you first hear the death toll it hurts here but the monotone goes in and out your other ear
Not that you don’t care, you got your own mess, so with the rebel soul I rap a song of protest
Until they bring the food shelter and the medicine, I let you be the pain through my penmanship
We sick of it and how this whole shit set up, that’s the reason why poor people fed up.

Dance bus, bad man pop it off, crowd rush, dj lock it off, skull bus, police come block it off
Ambulance come plus croffi haffi fas
Feel the ghetto inna tension, next half turn, this one stab the next one
Violence tek ova the whole local news section, can’t watch it no more put me all through depression
This reality whe we di call it, can’t blame govament fi all it. We mout di complain but we stiff like ornament
Tell me whe you di do bout this bloodshed fi corner it
What’s the future placement of all a your kids, you can’t be complacent with how hard you di live
Mek your move, whole health and school, get up, self improve, because we fed up
Halo The Young Pharaoh Verse 3:
Police, police, that mi hear from mi get up, shit me get set, mi bet up that somebody gonna get wet up
Not me though mi creep lo exit through back door, times hard like steel toe, wonder why mi own bredrin snitch, it’s all about the money if you broke got to get rich, money naw come hand naw itch, pikni need food now, plans mus switch, more robbery through robbery you get killin,
Get kill fi a schilling so death toll rise while blood spillin, naw blood nor crip ting but if you get shot, shot crippling, govament no k fi we, dem alone fi niam good no fi share with we, but listen carefully, this a promise and a threat, all the thing we no get you should live in fear a we, we fed up
Permission to land, I’m in a no fly zone and I’m outta control, Belizean to di bone
Mi disposition a fi step pan di mission, intention a fi run weh from di gun dem
Like you didn’t know, we running in circles, perpetrating evil, misleading the people
Social standards conflict or converge, through reality we live eena di city absurd
Mark mi word the fruits of hard work, the wealth and blessings and feature concerts
All now poor people no know them worth, the salts of the earth we chosen from birth
Pray the day the wheels will turn and, people brave and voice concerns and,
Speak voices be heard and, one and all we all can learn.

Rock A Session

Written By: A Broken Code

There’s no stopping me with this mic in my palm, can’t possibly recall all the shows we’ve performed
from stadiums the size of blast radius of bombs, to hole in the ground spots like where they found Sadam
Regardless of what we rock them all, stage presence similar to Barak Obam
I feel I cannot go wrong with a sound motivational, music you play when conquering obstacles facing you
Every day I face the same as you, I channel my frustrations when I raise the roof
I make the people gather and let themselves go with a Che Guevara swagger and my Fidel flow
This liberation sound, inside you need this, so let me burn you down and rise you to a phoenix
That’s my true calling; check the importance of words that take effect on an epidemic proportion
When I put the pen pan di papa di papa catch fiya
Step on pan di stage and light a microphone fiya
Conscious message out to the people heart start a fiya
Iya sound bwy a rock a session out for hire
Verse 2
There was a lady in the street preaching Jesus with conviction
Jewish and did not believe but he stayed so he can listen
It was not her content he openly admire
It was her delivery spoken with the fire
I’m five times as hard you can simply tell by my lyrical jihad on an infidel
With my gift of gab, we Caribbean rappaz, your girls in my crib drinking Guinness watching “Shottas”
After the session she said her attraction was the fact that I kick raps with an accent
On top of that content, on top of that passion, fashion that I rip shows call souls to action

My Inspiration

Written By: A Broken Code

I'm inspired by the ones who make a difference inna this life
Knowing it is right so they would neva think it twice
To reach out to the people who need the most relief
Give whole hearted and they don't worry bout receive
Eat, sleep and breathe this ideal
You can't be the best human being, then why be
Find me, in the same mind frame,
so many things that I’ll change
Through this music you use to release & lose it
I'll motivate a revolution, get up and do shit!
It's amazing the impatience to change things
When it's up in the face & scrapping away at our pride
Something gotta be done, here comes the one to take it live
To a cause greater than himself , a sacrifice
Through the fire, crucified, took that burden high
Who decides to move the binds that hold the mind confined
Are the kind that I find I'm most influenced by

Lion heart ones, fire brand souls
Eyes like two suns, with the potential to explode
Festering passion, for drastic reform
Scars from their battles, withstanding the odds
Here they come!

Verse 2:
It's a matter of dignity, can’t let this happen
Right here in front of me, and not do a damn thing
Nah, that is not me, I'm not the type to just watch this
Turn to them for strength, to stop this
Cause what they did made so many, so happy
And as a kid I wanted to be like them so badly
Through their words, through their actions, revolutionary
Respect for all life, for me and for you to carry
So when we see each other’s rights being violated
Step in with conviction, to annihilate it
Never again a Katrina response, never again a Holocaust
Freedom or forefathers fought
Let's pass to our daughters, pass to our sons,
Teach them to draw some inspiration from...

Strong Or Strange

Written By: A Broken Code

Violated, taken my rights and my soul, I barely made escape with my life but not whole
Here in a state of panic to console, trying to regain like Janet…control
I’ll never be the same version seen prior' my whole take on the world has been re-wired
Wanna be left alone to heal and retire, gimme time to breath like an Iraqi cease fire
Could not believe I could deserve this, my own judgment comes to surface
Could have done different, avoided the permanence, now I’m crippled, no back bone invertebrate
Life’s not beautiful when you weight it in, in truth you can see the cruel way it is
My mind and my body deformed and faded in, remind myself to be hard I say again

That which does not kill me makes me stronger or just strange
So much suffering, taken so much of me, can’t let it all be in vain
Give me brand new hunger so I can work through the pain
Building respect in my name, strength so I don’t go insane

Verse 2:
I want the pain to leave but it comes to hurt me later, maybe I just need to confront the perpetrator
Oblivious to me but I will bring them to justice, make it plain to see that I’m not the one to fuck with
Living nice lives while mine is so damaged, civilized outside, inside their so savage
I see through their lies, that’s why I hold malice, plot your downslide like a Dow Jones Average
I’m here to remind you of the pain you dished me, face to face inflict this pain physically
Your memory is strained? I remember vividly, in HD imagery, misery you given me
Returned to the owner with a vengeance unheard, for you I had questions but aggression comes first
Logical progression this aggression comes worse…… I put you in a hearse

Why are you looking at me like I’m some type of weirdo?
Why… for the fact that I’m in front of you, despite what I have been through, is a testament to my strength

Physical and mental injuries, make me feel sick, wish I was like Wolverine, heal quick
I managed to make the fact that I had it bad; my past is deep and black like trash bags
But I bounce back fast, come with a vengeance, build up stamina to run with the Kenyans


Dedicated To A Lie

Written By: A Broken Code

Dedicated To a Lie
by A Broken Code and Neycha
Verse 1:
I see the signs,I despise,how you hurt me

I feel so alone, on my own,you want to hurt me

but I’m so sick and tired, of your muthaf*&kin' lies,
if you touch me again
you will not live

I will choose to end, if I can see the signs, I refuse to spend, any more time
Dedicated to all of lie, to a lie, dedicated to a lie, to a lie 2x
De-di-ca-ted to a lie!

Verse 2:
See things, See things, see little things, got me re-considering the ring, everything it entails
Can’t let the sacred covenant fail, bail dignified or bitter, mother did when father hit her
Dissed her over again, did she see this beforehand. Still stuck around cause she loved that man
Fuck around and catch a back hand, what a way to live, dedicated, can’t walk away from the house and the kids
Plus he the bread winna, when that fucker come home betta get dinner, get dinner, not gonna get better,
get better, better off if you get rid of.
Verse 3:
Tragic, tragic tragedy, relationships loose magic, magic, gradually, fake it to maintain a fabric,
Pseudo harmony, cheating becomes a habit (shit is classic) elaborate lies fabricated alibis,
Fights that never stabilize, look close you’ll see the straying eyes. Years became a waste of time
Life sentence regrets and resentment, put your guard up your heart comes cemented,
In retrospect you could have prevented, what your paranoia detected.
I’ll bring it to an end, if I can see the signs; I refuse to spend, any more time
Dedicated to all of lie, to a lie, dedicated to a lie, to a lie 2x
De-di-ca-ted to a lie!

Beyond Malice

Written By: A Broken Code

I’ve been hit hard more than one time, loved ones lost and the whole nine
Stabbed in the back by my own kind, rushed and attacked and they took mine
Pushed to the back of the long line, rough when I thought I would be alright
Stuck same spot that don’t like, life is already full of pressure like I need your extra
Tryna hold this progress back!? Better notice where my head is at, turn to coldness and the attack
Venomous strikes like cobras, just for your mouth, feeling like I might take a knife n get a slice
Of your eyesight, lights out
I’m just bound to go postal, passive aggressive, antisocial, columbine on my mind if you step
Disrespect and get Virginia Teched, nah imam humble, I was never raised in a jungle
Civilization would crumble, if I do what I can’t undo, so I stay calm and breath, chill this urge in me
And it burns with an urgency to hurt and make you bleed, I need to breath, count to ten, breath
Nine, eight, breath, seven, six, breath, five, four, three, two, one, breath, walk away, leave
See, this is the part where you think I punked out cause I walked away but I’m not done, nah
Fuck that, you hurt me, I come back on the anniversary, purposely, personally, cut like you not a person to me,
This the second version of me, perversion o me, inversion, for certain, listen to me, won’t like me when I’m agree, Mr. McGee
In the night when you smashing your girl in the raw, I’m right at the back of your house at the door
At the light from the passenger side of your car, sniped with an unregistered firearm
Pop for the sorrow, pop for the pain, blow out your marrow, bust out your brain
Pop that hollow tip with your name on it so this shit won’t happen again.
You deserve to die today for the way you’ve taken my life away 2x
See, muthafuckaz never thought to think twice that they fucking up someone else’s life
In that moment of your pleasure, builds a revenge that you can’t measure, redder that a million suns
Deader that the death with a million guns, get you when your children come, teach you a lesson in front of them


Written By: A Broken Code

I was there that day, I saw with these eyes
Two tidal waves built on each side
There a path lay but only for a time
When I say... these waves will collide
Go! Charge! Clash in the void, smash into each other like asteroids
Slam, away your oppression, drown your pain in waves of aggression
Push, a massive exertion of energy inside brought out to the surface
I come for the hopeless I will deliver you, call me your Moses
I'll take you to Zion, state of mind, promise land... not a place you can find
It comes through the calm and anger same time, but this is the calm of a hurricane's eye
The challenge is to channel it, breaking your chains like one hard mallet hit
Balance it as a means to an end, outweigh defeat, this will outweigh revenge
Until you are outraged again


Retribution For The Afflicted

Set List

We play original material and and every show is a unique experience. Performing new songs from the album "Retribution For The Afflicted" Expect a high energy show with plenty of crowd participation. Sets range from 30 minutes to 2 hours.