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Manhattan, New York, United States | SELF

Manhattan, New York, United States | SELF
Band Metal Hip Hop




"A Broken Code- Retribution For The Afflicted"

NYC unit A Broken Code administers a vibrant hip-hop metal vibe on the quintet’s scorching eight-track affair RETRIBUTION OF THE AFFLICTED. Featuring a bounty of slamming riffs and fiery verses spit with passion, this Big Apple band supplies a well-focused intensity fusing the cadence of Rage Against the Machine, the volatility of Bad Brains, and the ferocity of Body Count while underlying layers of jazz and funk sprout up in between the headbanging grooves (“Strong or Strange”) for added depth and texture. Brimming over with vivid instrumentation, tasty guitar riffs and tones and a rock solid rhythm section holding it all down, A Broken Code delivers an authentic amalgamation of metal and rap that breathes much needed life into the fading genre.
- Mike SOS
- Mike SOS 316 Productions

"Hip Hop/Metal/Reggae/Call it what you wanna"

“The voice on the other end of the line is, as always, good natured and layed back replies “E-Rock Obama, Yeah man I can do it . When?”. So I explain to him the concept and we decided on a time. A time that I oversleep for. Let me backtrack for a second though. The voice is that of Jenko. Lead vocalist of Hip Hop/Metal/Reggae/Call it what you wanna but its good, band A Broken Code. Hailing from NYC, some say they sound like Rage Against The Machine in a head on collision with The Wailers. Me, I cannot really put a tag on them. They do have that Ska swag , yet its up to date and its own entity. That is also only one side of the madness. If you scratch a bit deeper you will find a metallic juggernaut with intricate melodies and some evil riffs. Not to mention Jenko’s passionate delivery soaring over the crowd. Now I must admit I feel close to the music on account of sitting in as a guitarist with them for about 7 months .”— Marc Montfleury, Indie Band Guru - Marc Montfleury, Indie Band Guru

"A Broken Code live @ Sullivan Hall"

Bringing a raw mix of Hip-hop, Reggae, and Metal — the band A Broken Code will be performing live at Sullivan Hall in The Village on May 19th. A Broken Code‘s front man, Jenko spits socially conscious lyrics over dope drum beats, wicked metal riffs and roaring baselines. The group released their debut, Retribution for the Afflicted earlier this year which is currently available on iTunes. - The Complex Media

"A Broken Code"

I love this band. I saw them one night at bitter end and they killed it. It was one of the dopest live shows I seen at the time in the city. I randomly found then on myspace and decided to check them out. I was amped to find they had this ragga vibe to their music, and along with a poetic/ hip-hop beat. The milti member band just goes out and kills it no matter who is in the crowd at there shows your going to get inter-activity. Half way through there set they has a whine down contest with audience members. If you you don't know what that is its like dubbing but with more waist action. This one big girl almost broke off this lil-dude. LOL. They are truly a fav of mine. I have a few pictures of there set enjoy. - Kaos Blac

"Ask The People"

hey guys, the show was great. A lot of power and a great energy. i can't wait to see you live again.

"Let me be the first to say you guys wrecked it yesterday. The instruments were dope as shit and Jenko commanded the crowd. Bless"

"Hey Broken COdde... y'all truly are the bomb. Thank you for coming through and bringing the energy... y'all got good shit!"

"werd, we dig this shit.
jim beam and revolution rock!"

"Really feel your music... its urgency, integrity & groove... Would love to do a show with you guys/ collab somehow.... Plan to come see your next show in NYC... V."

"righteous!! love the sounds.."

"The video and the song is hot. It has everything i love, true hip hop, rock and reggae. Keep bringing positivity and conciousness to the community. Something that is GREATLY needed during this time of decadence and selfishness. Oh and by the way, Rico, it is great to see you doing what you love. This is something i always knew you could do. Peace and Love."


"Thank you soooooo muchhhhhhh Broken Code(Am really feeling that name-clever)! I like the way you combine and maintain the humanitarian along with the creative side. Thats a great marriage. Sweet! Keep on keeping on...and pls keep me posted"

"They shows are a real musical melting pot; elements of REGGAE music collide head on with a dense HIPHOP Beat plus melodic rock" - Newly Found Fans


Retribution For The Afflicted



Finally, a band with the intensity of those who did this genre best, Rage Against The Machine.
Front man Jenko spits socially conscious lyrics over dope drum beats, wicked metal riffs and roaring baselines. A must see live. Their forefathers Anthrax and Public Enemy would be proud to see these guys bring the noise.