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Absaroka @ The Green Room

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Absaroka @ Omalleys

Margate, Florida, USA

Margate, Florida, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



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Individual streaming tracks

Absaroka - The Exquisite Corpse will drink the new wine
Absaroka - A Time Set Reminder
Absaroka - ?
Absaroka - This song has been deleted by the artist



Absaroka is a four piece dynamic rock band, with diverse elements of metal, hardcore and melodic atmosphere. The band has been going for close to 2 years now and has played multiple shows around south Florida. Established and operating out of the city of Margate, our unique blend of sound makes it both challenging to slot us with typical genres, yet delivers a novel sonic experience to expand any showcase.

From a song writing perspective, we use the addition of keyboard to a standard double guitar – act. This lends incredible feeling which highlights ambient breakdowns and swells. Soulbending dropouts, scattered periodically through progressive crescendoing melodies tie it all together in a moving, and energetic arena. We make it a point to be just as entertaining between songs, and aim to get at least one laugh out of the crowd, per set. luckily for us there is usually comedy all the way. When we’re playing and moving through the music, we’re having a lot of fun, that energy can’t just stop right afterwards, Sharing the fun and feeling is what it’s all about, and this usually manifests in laughs.

That’s not to say the music isn’t serious or emotional, all the lyrics and themes are pretty heavy, but delivering this in an entertaining and exciting way, balances things out. For all the current members it’s been a humble, stressful, and sometimes outrageous journey, money always seems tight, but we’ve sacrificed much and managed to hold onto some necessities. We have our own van, recording gear, live gear and practice warehouse. This we sweated for, at the cost of great social and family resentment. We've also had the fortune of sharing the stage with many awesome local bands, and others who walk a similar path. We've gig'd extensivly over the last 2 years, but things are about to really take off.

We’re currently hard at work recording and cataloging the songs we’ve done over the years. Currently we have 4 songs up for listens, with another 8 on the way.

Oh and did we mention that we have the Freestyle Beard Champion of the USA on Bass, that’s right. Beard of Warpath, otherwise known as Jon Mcbeard Rice.
Seriously sometimes we are considered a 5 piece with the addition of the beard, but that’s ok. Haha

The band is currently afflicted with the following addictions

· Skyrim - Wish we could Fus Ro DAh for real.

· Caffeine - (Curse you Dunkin!!)

· Kayaking - (that’s right, we actually go Florida swamping down the Loxahatchee from time to time. We usually fall in and lose expensive items.

· Starcraft 1 lan – Nerd alert, we build turrets across the map in a feeble attempt to hold out on 4 cpu’s.

· Fusbol – we once beat some local key westers in key west in an epic to toe to toe fusbol battle. Sadly we’re so good at this that we’ve considered fusbol sharking for gas money.

· Dancing – not ashamed to say it, we love to dance, even the beard dances. Catch us at the greenroom in Ft Lauderdale, this is our usual shakedown.

That’s enough, there are some other shameful items to list here, but that’s to be discussed face to face.
Hopefully we’ll catch you at a show.

Willy Nilly