Influenced by many, sound like none. Hard work and dedication runs through the veins of each member. Versatile and open-minded, we live for playing shows anytime, anywhere!


Originally named the Phukkrz, Absent met adversity from the beginning. When their first show was almost ended before it began because their name was deemed “inappropriate,” they did something many wouldn’t; they put their music before their egos. They took on a new alias, recognizing that what was important was being heard, being appreciated for their talent, a talent that would garner appreciation under any name. As luck would have it, in a hurried stumble for a new title, they happened upon a powerful one. Absent took the stage and has been blowing the doors off of Metal’s norms ever since.

With a unique mixture of pulse pounding beats and ear-soothing harmony, Absent shows the world why Metal is cool again. Brad demonstrates his tremendous vocal range while rounding out Todd’s guitar riffs, with Chris providing his years of experience and recording engineer’s ear to the band’s sound, all the while pounding away at the Ludwig drums and Sabian cymbols that surround him. Jon demonstrates how a good bassist can pull a melody to the next level by satisfying the need for underlying lows in order to fully appreciate the most prominate highs. These four Green Mountain Boys do more than rock, they give Vermonters something to be proud of.


We do all of our own recordings. Brad and Chris are both recording engineers. If you see us live or contact us we can hook you up with a free demo.

Set List

Our typical set list is about 30 minutes in length. Although we have play for over an hour on many occasions, all with original material. Sets are almost guaranteed to include songs such as: Rise, Your Eyes, No Regrets and All Of Us.