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The best kept secret in music




Absente's musical sense lies somewhere between the American Heartland and the London fog, somewhere between the electric grind of amplified guitars and the tender cadences of acoustic six-strings and sweet piano. On their new five-song demo, the quartet has managed to exhibit a sense of chemistry and sonic camaraderie few bands ever achieve.

On "502," the opener, an 80s American pop sensibility is wedded to that English-aggro sound, churning guitars hovering over a raucous rhythm section. Singer Robb Renzoni sports a mighty voice that is at once delicate and at the same time dark and shadowy. This is Jim Morrison with range.

"Proud" reveals the minimal approach the group utilizes so well - orchestrated guitars screaming from your speakers but not muddying the track by swimming over vocals and rhythm section. Simple, lyrical guitar playing from Derek Gustafson. Vocalist Renzoni tears his lungs out on the line "After all this time/I hope I made you proud," the eternal plea of lover to lover and brother to brother.

"Sometimes" embodies delicate acoustics as they provide a bed for yet another smoky, yearning Renzoni vocal. Dropkick guitars fatten the stew in a sound decidedly original and organic. Little here is processed or pre-fab.

Don't confuse "Yesterday" with the Beatles ballad. Guitars crash like thunder over a spartan track that drips with feverish love and a passionate hunger.

And "John Deere," the closer, is a contemporary amalgam of acoustics, electrics, and piano, a track that takes you from here to there, from the place you are to the place you want to be. When the final vocal resonates, you believe. We all believe. "We all walk the long road," cries Renzoni, a tortured longing in his voice, the voice of someone who has already been there and back.

Absente - comprised of Renzoni, Gustafson, bassist Michael Neufeld, and drummer Paul Albertson - aren't the Next Coming, aren't the answer to All Our Prayers. What this foursome is is a fiercely original band with a heart ... a group of musicians with a novel and unique sound. They have a sense of drama and deserve a listen. They demand a listen ...

-Steven Rosen-
- Steven Rosen


John Deere


Feeling a bit camera shy



“If he didn’t drink absinthe, he would be somebody else. Personality must be accepted for what it is. You mustn’t mind that a poet is a drunk, rather than drunks are not always poets.”

Together Robb Renzoni, Derek Gustafson, and Michael Neufeld make perfect sense. Their tenacity and desire to perform overshadow all logic. Their individual styles have evolved into a whirlwind of aggressive rock, which has catapulted them into the 21st Century music scene. They work diligently together and have morphed into the solid entity they are today. Their passion for the music and cohesiveness as a band continues to lead the way, which has captured their signature sound.
Within a very short period of time they have created a musical sensation that has far surpassed all other genres of music. They have embraced a sound of the “times” and continue to create the very music that allures their fans.
The great Adam Hamilton, independent producer and bassist for L.A. Guns, has incorporated his talents along with veteran engineer Brian Grimmel, to produce the band’s first self-titled EP.
One of the newest members of the team and a gentleman who lends his ear adding dynamics and poise to the music is engineer Mr. Bryan Davis. Bryan is presently recording four new tracks with the band.
After the completion of this eclectic compilation of songs they sought the representation of Eddie Anderson (former manager for David Lee Roth) who has worked intently with the band bringing this project to the next level.
“Absente” you say! From where does the name come? Glad you asked my good man?
Toulouse-Lautrec drank it from a hollowed wooden walking stick. Degas immortalized it in his bleary-eyed painting, “Absinthe Drinker.” And Van Gogh nursed a disturbed mind on the aquamarine liquor, which may have encouraged him to amputate his ear.
“It is literary and hedonistic at the same time. It appeals to serious drinkers, thinkers and artists.” Absinthe encourages conversation, independent thought and creativity.
After building their studio, they raised their glasses and toasted with the drink Absinthe. The proclamation led to the incarnation of an electrified digital tribe of the new dawn.
VOILA, “absente” THE BAND

“After the first glass, you see things as you wish they were. After the second, you see things as they are not. Finally, you see things as they really are. And that is the most horrible thing in the world.”

--Oscar Wilde

Robb Renzoni A Buffalo New York native. He is the former drummer and co-singer for L.A based blues band “The Magnatones” and took first place in the 2000 national poetry and lyric writing competition. Robb has a signature Baritone sound that attracts many different types of audiences, Robb has found inspiration in many people, but relies on his spiritual ties that have been instilled in him by the Navajo Nation. We think of Robb as the digital shaman, a plugged in, electric warrior of the new dawn.

Derek Gustafson Hometown Buffalo, New York. Won best band and best guitarist of 2000 at Manhattan Beach’s battle of the bands with the blues group, “The Magnatones”. Derek was also guitarist for former L.A. punk band, Suckerpunch. “ I have two loves in my life, one allows me musical creativity, and the other well, err, Miller Lite.” Please meet the man with six strings and twelve fingers. They say, “Never trust a man who doesn’t drink,” Derek is the most
trustworthy man on the planet.

Michael Neufeld Born and raised in New York City. Michael was the guitarist in the band Bustin’ Out, published on Venus Record’s compilation album. Session work at the Hit Factory & Electric Lady Land Studio, NYC. Michael has found inspiration for writing his music in the city that never sleeps. He takes from the streets and jots onto paper. The backbone of this band and an integral part of the music. He is unattached and ready to rock. Mike’s pleasures are Cuban cigars and Absente/Absinthe, (when available.)