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Absent Minded

 Temecula, California, USA
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Absent Minded is an alternative hip-hop artist, poet and author, who has performed all over the United States and internationally and appeared on over a dozen indie and major-label releases.


Absent Minded is an alternative hip-hop artist, rapper, and author, who has performed all over the United States and internationally and appeared on over a dozen indie and major-label releases. 

His live shows blend high-energy strangeness, freestyle performances, wordplay, and real talk about serious issues.

Absent's music is influenced by some of the best mainstream and underground hip hop artists, but grounded in ancient faith and real life. 



Ugly (from "Blood and Water")

Written By: Absent Minded

My head is in my hands, and I'm trying to understand/
How to follow the Father and still live as an American man/
I'm tempted to echo the 3rd chapter of Malachi/
"What does it profit a man to walk mournfully with Adonai?"/
My battle cry is that I'll never ask that foolish question/
But see my brethren, all He seems to do is bless them/
Good jobs, good cars and good personalities/
Good families and good looks, and living happily/
But I see Yeshua pointing out a lonely path for me/
Why pursue happiness if that's not what He has for me?/
And why seek after comfort while the Earth is filled with tragedy?/
While I thirst for You they all laugh at me, saying that I'm...

Ugly (I feel like dark clouds cover me/
children run from me as hell burns under me)
Ugly (I am a weasel, cursed with evil/
Surrounded by these perfect people)
Ugly (like no one else would ever love me/
They'd ask me to leave after making a fool of me)
Ugly (with no redeeming qualities/
You redeemed me offering all things speaking "follow me")

So I followed you, but I didn't go quietly/
Wandered to the side to be a part of this society/
And as I try to be accepted and belong/
I reach for something beautiful but end up all alone/
I can see Yeshua using me to bring change, but it's strange/
How the only thing left for me is pain/
I complain, hoping I can have it both ways/
But I'm the one who told you I would be your soldier to my old age/
"A grain of wheat must fall to the ground and die"/
To become like Adonai and for the fruit to multiply/
I don't comply; instead I look for love from human beings/
Which leaves me rejected, miserable and bleeding/
See I just want to be like everybody else is/
Torn between a life of sacrifice and being selfish/
And as I think about which path to take/
Life kicks more mud up in my face, to remind me that I'm...

Ugly (I'm left with nothing but some new scars/
Hopes built up and smashed down, and it's too hard)
Ugly (This was a test I couldn't pass/
Wasn't good enough, in a lower class)
Ugly (But still a God so perfect/
Chose to come and be with me when I was worthless)
Ugly (I'm at the bottom of the ladder/
But my heart will not be shattered because that is not what matters)

True wisdom doesn't get the world's attention and/
A true missionary doesn't get a pension plan/
I knew this wouldn't be easy but I guess I can/
Choose this life, believing that it's in Your hands/
I'll let my treasure be where no one else can take it/
And I'll give my heart away to One I know will never break it/
And I'll make myself poor to see others become rich/
Knowing there's no greater reward in the world than this/
The King of the Universe accepting me as His/
My home is in heaven and my name is on His list, and for this/
I'll take authority over what torments me/
Binding every spirit of conformity for all to see/
This planet's not a home for me, this mammon is what's worthless/
Gladly I reject it for the privilege of His service/
And I'm free now, from all the things I thought I needed/
Babylon still speaks, but this time I don't believe it, saying...

Ugly (You became a curse for me/
By hanging on a tree though you made the earth and sea)
Ugly (You set Your royalty aside/
So You could be rejected, betrayed and denied)
Ugly (You walked the Earth with no home/
Hated by the world, abandoned and alone)
Ugly (You became ugly too/
So show me what to do so that I can be like You)

Tzedakah (Blood and Water) from "Blood and Water"

Written By: Absent Minded (chorus by Elias Wallace)

Once upon a time I was walking on sunshine/
Now I'm behind at the bottom of the 9th printing up reward posters and signs/
I've lost my mind or at least it feels that way and needs to be set straight/
I pray God to recalibrate before it's my turn up at the plate/
"Reprobate!" the Accuser screams, abusive schemes to refuse my dreams/
Samson leaning on 2 big beams, heaping concrete on Philistines/
Intercede and the walls will crack not at all intact and they're falling back/
They crawl and wail as they're calling Baal but he is not real and he cannot heal/
While I'm at this wheel, grinding grain my eyes in pain are my cries in vain/
I hide in shame but God remains, slowly my strength I regain/
And I'll be danged if I stay chained for makin' their maize go up in flames/
Crash the party, brought the house down and rained slate on their parade/
Serenade my soul with hope it's written you "stir up the gift"/
Focus on the One who told you that you were not born to drift/
Joy comes in the morning, I believe that it's just over these cliffs/
Spirits lift, sacrifice together until the pattern shifts/
When you've left your grave you will never ever slave for forever and a day/
Then you'll never ever say you regretted how you gave
Everything you made for the King you praise/
And I think you'll say the time is now
To stop lyin' around and start writing' this down/
Righteousness found with life that abounds
Fighting the crowd to bring life to your town/
So we bow because Yeshua died upon a cross to save us/
He bruised his heel, but the devil got his head crushed/
If you were expecting a song about cash
Murder and sex put it all in the trash/
But if you'd rather have something that lasts,
turn up your headphones and just let it blast/

Now I'll be first in line to praise God for his grace and his great forgiveness/
But allow me to speak some encouragement now
For my people just trying to live this/
Brothers and sisters
Who truly appreciate all the Son has done for you/
Sometimes you struggle to overcome and although you're young
You come unglued/
I know; integrity often hurts your chances more than it benefits/
Remember Joseph in prison sentenced for crimes that he didn't commit/
Don't quit; keep in mind how the story ends I don't pretend to be special
I needed surgery, lost my job, at the same time lost my friends/
The surgery is not successful; There's no cure for me as far as the doctors know/
But God can do the impossible, and I just want y'all to know/
Imagine if Joseph had thrown in the towel, tossed his faith, lost the race/
It's 2002 and it's Christmas day and I'm unemployed but God sustains/
My heart is broke, body is sore I can barely walk and need pills for pain/
I do and say such stupid things but God is faithful and remains/
Can't explain this cancerous shame I wonder to God does it ever get better/
Ever get fed up with heaven's agenda you end up a prisoner of Nebuchadnezzar/

So you tell your friends "Congratulations/
You're getting married, when's the baby due?"/
While inside asking God "Just what does it pay to keep obeying you?"/
They don't and still they prosperous, and you're glad for that you mean it/
But in the meantime your career path's blocked
And you're known for underachievement/
Don't you believe it, doesn't matter how you've been treated/
If you have your integrity keep it,
Let the enemy know you'll never be close to defeated/
And it won't mean a thing to me
If life takes away my pride and my dignity/
I'll keep it inside and pour my suffering right back out as a drink offering/
Life is not about I but Adonai and secondly my neighbor/
It's 4AM and the sun's coming up, good news in the morning paper/
My heavenly Father is turning me on to Psalm 73 and 74/
So don't get it wrong if the battle is hot then you're locked on a better reward/
You'll never be bored and the end will be more
Than you've ever imagined or dreamt before/
I'd rather be poor with treasure locked up in a heavenly store
And weather these storms/
Then to be born, live lukewarm and comfortable right up until I'm dying/
Only to see that we each have just one life to live and I wasted mine

Exorcise Music (from "Blood and Water")

Written By: Absent Minded

Welcome everybody, it's music to exercise to/
Vibe to, without inviting devils inside you/
No yoga stretches or leaving your mind with no defenses/
I know those methods are trendy but they just old deceptions/
Let go the tensions and then let your soul purify/
From the toxins that come from boxing with Adonai/
Your soul'll be satisfied, sweatin' to the Old School/
Enjoy the rhythm don't let it control you/

You get one shot, love one woman and one God/
One life, One made all the nations of one blood/
One race, and we all in it, we can all win it/
With God-given convictions depicting us all winners/
My heart has a hole in it my body and soul, spirit are broken but still
manage to come up with dope lyrics/
And I'm no specimen, so here's a regimen/
To pick you up with some spiritual good medicine/

Iron Chef Hip Hop, you can pick the ingredients/
Stand up for what I'm believing in without being a comedian/
Keeping in perspective what's expedient/
Beefing with my ego I ain't feeding it/
Even if it cries realize this exercise ain't for your thighs/
So arise, train yourself to know what Adonai requires/
And bias yourself to meditate on godly things/
Exorcise inspiration like the Rocky theme, copy me?/
Some songs'll pull your soul down as you wolf down/
Quick-fix psychobabble thinking it's profound/
And Motown is the old sound, cause rapper and bands
Push poison for CEOs now, keeping they nose brown/
With stress, material excess of flesh that ain't impressed/
Unless you got a trophy wife and a Lex'/
I suggest you pay attention to the Most Magnificent/
Who's known for switching men from tools to instruments/

Quicker than flickering lights in the thick of the night with ridiculous hype/
Sick on the mic, vivid descriptions depicting a figure that's bigger than life/
And better than all, bounce off your chest like a medicine ball/
Rocking the set like a veteran y'all
Round up the heads that are down with this message and get 'em involved/
Don't pull the trigger I figure to pick up the tempo
And quicken this temple back to life/
God's bigger than sickness and death so reckon what's left as a sacrifice/
Who taught you that wining and dining was fine in this time that comes and goes/
Your days are assigned with a time limit God is the only one who knows/
Don't wait for a sign if it's obvious copy this onto 100 scrolls/
Agape is honestly how we can drop this hip hop in your bungalows/
I come for those perusing for music that's from the soul/
Here's something bold, proclaiming this radio junk is old...

Hour Glass (from "Blood and Water")

Written By: Absent Minded

The moon is haunting me, thoughts of my crimes are taunting me/
Thoughts of my selfish deeds, my devilish genes begotten by dishonesty/
The things I did and all the things I didn't do/
Who I was and was not, it's got me scared to look at You/
So here I am again in the presence of the Infinite
A place they say doesn't exist, but it's a place I'm so familiar with/
I've been at your feet a million times, and I can feel the shine
Of pure forgiveness from your throne as I just kneel and cry/
Here I lie, wondering how I could have been so blind/
Trying to be the best at doing what's right because we live in sinful times/
But somehow forgot not to be godly without God
God to busy for intimacy, and I lived out a facade/
Cuz I remember not too long ago when I loved you with a passion/
I was grasping for a way to put my new faith into action/
And just gave all that I had though I had nothing much to live/
Knowing that I was a nomad with no earthly place to live/
But now I'm lazy, took my eyes off you cuz I lack the motivation/
Got tired of doing what's right and being spat on by all creation/
Isolated by occupation from the rest of the congregation/
Left my Bible unread, neglecting spiritual stimulation...

I never thought about how fast I would grow up/
Now these fools holler "YOLO" like it's profound/
Doing stupid things ain't how you make it all count/
I dream of growing up knowing the things I know now/
Yeah "You only live once" but then the Judgement come/
And if you lived for yourself, it was a wasted one/
I dream of growing up knowing the things I know now...

I'm sick and tired of this nihilist violence I'm trying to die to this/
compliant silence of the lambs who give into the idleness of life/
While the 9 to 5 provides us with distractions
And divides us into factions, silencing our actions/
Until finally we fail to walk in the Spirit we were given/
And appear to be no different than the lost souls in the prisons/
Of transgression, who look to our example for a lesson/
Of what Truth is like but we're too busy trying to look like them/
And if home is where the heart is then our home is in our business/
And our daily grind, we ain't inclined to be a witness/
So don't call me please, my apologies, I see a lot of fallen in need/
But today I'm way too busy...

See there's a fire in my bones and I'm afraid to let it die/
By being caught up in excuses and delusions of the eye/
Like tripping out, stressing over adversity
Whenever things don't perfectly work for me screaming "What about me?"
Then after 7 years of that bragging that I paid my dues/
Only to remember 7 years too late while warming up the pews/
On a Sunday morning at the age of 28/
That life is all about your fellow man and up till now mine's been a waste/
See that day it won't matter how I furthered my career/
Let them sit and sip their beer or turn the world up on its ear/
Because my greatest fear is that as time passes
I get caught up in the hourglass's motion and forget why I'm here/
So I give You all my worry so I can worry over the next man/
Hindsight is 20/20 ask any dead man...

Opposite Types (from "Blood and Water")

Written By: Absent Minded

Black, White, Left, Right, we the opposite types
(Do you think about the things you think about)
False, True, Talk, Do, lead the opposite life
(Do you know the reasons why you quotin' Jesus)
Sit, Stand, Boy, Man, we the opposite types
(Would you cheat a little to achieve a little)
Tough, Safe, Love, Hate, lead the opposite life
(Would you live the gospel even if it costs you)

From birthday suits, dirty diapers pacifiers and snotty rags/
To Pontiacs, to mid-life crises to body bags/
We humbly brag, hold on to the swag like it's all that we have/
Meanwhile, Jesus Christ coming back soon and he's probably mad/
Top 40 trash poisoning cultures on all continents/
With misogynist idiot box Nikki Minaj songstresses/
Instead of learning God's promises/
Little kids in Botswana dreaming of big pimping like Sean Carter did/
Too much ice on your chest to the point that your heart is frozen solid/
Too much gold in your mouth, so you mastered the art of choking on it/
And I hope you vomit, cause there's too many kids that's brokenhearted/
And too few godly to pick up the pieces and clean this mess you started/
I married at age 28, before that chose to stay celibate/
If that ain't hip hop enough for you then consider me rebellious/
Choosing positive got you knockin' this gospel and how I live/
The number of F-words in this song is exactly how many I give...

Michael Bay (from "Blood and Water"

Written By: Absent Minded

In a world where back rappers and busters reign supreme...
Absent Minded and DJ Elder will make a movie.
A bad movie.

Minding my own business teaching kids at the Y/
It's been 7 years since I retired from the FBI/
Then these suits and ties arrive, identify themselves as agents/
And tell me that my replacement was murdered outside of Vegas/
And they claim it's Doctor Vicious with his underground militias/
They want me back on a mission to infiltrate his defenses/
I'm apprehensive 'til a message from their sources
Informs us my cousin Boris is imprisoned in his fortress/
Of course I have no choice then, come out of retirement/
Suit up and head to Headquarters for my assignment/
They team me up with some beautiful blonde white chick/
A computer genius and a Black guy who dies quick (that's racist!)/
We look good and we all know Kung-Fu/
We got our own Nu-Metal theme song too/
Wearing black suits and grappling hooks/
Plus our hair looks perfect when we battle the crooks

Cuz we the world's greatest super soldiers!
Walking in slow motion!
The world's greatest super soldiers!
Running away from explosions!

(Absent Minded and DJ Elder? Those guys are always stopping me from doing my evil things! Let them come. This time, I will be ready...for them.)

Under cover of night, we dropped into the courtyard/
Snuck into the palace and KO'd the door guard/
DJ Elder back at HQ hit me on communicator/
"Absent, watch your back, the woman is a traitor."/
But it's too late! I saw her ring the alarm/
20 ninjas jump out- I turn around and see the genius buy the farm/
Run for cover from the bullets and blades, covered in flames/
Had to take this ninja out and swipe his couple grenades/
Across the hall I see the Black dude, he hasn't been killed yet! (Yes!)/
But he wasn't Denzel or Will Smith (No!)/
Gotta split, my supporting cast is dead/
So I cause a CGI explosion and disappear overhead/
I'm climbing to the rooftop, through the rafters/
And on the balcony I hear the sound of the maniacal laughter/
It's the Doctor waiting for me for the final confrontation/
We battled 'til he flipped over the edge to the pavement/
(Splat!) Now there's no way back the way I came/
Plus the place is going up in flames, can't run away/
But I'm saved by DJ Elder out of nowhere in a helicopter/
I guess he must have just learned to fly a chopper/
So I got to grab the bottom and hold on for my life/
The chopper escapes into the night, plus my cousin's alright (How?)/
He must have got away somehow/
So the chief will give our badges back now.../
(Wait, are we cops?)

Beautiful Women (from "Blood and Water")

Written By: Absent Minded

I saw her over there/ out in the open square/
She lifts her voice up where they shop and where they go for prayer/
The people stop and stare/ but rarely stay and listen/
She makes her way past city halls, courthouses and prisons/
She walks with dignity/ Her beauty is captivating/
But what really gets to me are the things she's saying/
"How long will you simple ones love simplicity?/
I bring the fear of the Lord, but no one's listening."/
They go on walking and I never understood that/
Some men whistled at her like she was just a hood rat/
And when she didn't answer back, that's when they got mad,/
called her a prude and worse, but she ignored that/
I met her in Proverbs/ The first chapter/
She was more valuable than anything I thirst after/
To honor her brings enlightenment to the souls of men/
I think she's someone I'd like to know as a friend.

From outside my house/ I saw her through the window/
Hand in hand with a man from among the simple/
She had a flair for the exotic/ Dressed to kill/
No figure of speech, the language she spoke was sex appeal/
And so she caught him and they made out/
And I've seen many good brothers go down that same route/
Next thing you know he disappears into her doorway/
Then that visit turns into kissing then to foreplay/
Because he never should have given her the time of day/
That's why I say/ if you see her turn your eyes away/
She'll try to prey on you and your imagination/
I know she's beautiful, that's why it's called temptation/
I met her in Proverbs, chapter 7/
Take it as a warning that I'll share with all the brethren/
Because she's full of demons and she'd like for me to take one/
I think she's someone that I'd like to stay away from/

I met this woman with a strong spirit and godly mind/
Not by accident I see know it was by design/
And in these times it's hard to find a friend that's genuine/
That's why I was honored to know she was a friend of mine/
That she was beautiful was obvious/
But more important was her heart and pursuit of virtue and godliness/
Clothed with honor and strength, she prays for purity/
Our relation is brother sister like family/
Her arms are out to those in need, like a true believer/
And when I look to the Father I can still see her/
She speaks with kindness/ and I'll stumble across diamonds/
Sooner than find someone else like this/
I met her in Proverbs/ the 31st chapter/
And God willing/ I'd like to have something to ask her/
And God willing/ live happily ever after/
But that's something that's all up to the Master...


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Set List

Absent is able perform a set of any length from five to forty-five+ minutes. His performances typically include a showcase of "freestyles" (improvised raps), and hip hop/poetry mixed in with songs that can range from hyperactive to humorous to worshipful.

Because of the diverse collection of songs, Absent is able to customize his live set to fit in with the vision and atmosphere of almost any event or venue.

Also being an experienced youth minister in urban and suburban areas, Absent is able to assist with ministry needs whenever necessary.

For booking, collaborations, etc. call (951) 834-2738.