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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Alternative




""Crashing in with actual Living Substance""

"Interesting, mysterious & appealing ... It is great to hear a band and an album that exhibits so much creativity & originality. In a sea of crap that constantly floods our markets today, Absinthe Junk come crashing in with actual Living Substance. " - Skope Entertainment

""Carving out a niche""

Carving out a niche as an experimental alternative rock band in the country music mecca of Nashville has been an arduous journey.

But former San Angeloan Blair Breitreiter Smart and her band, Absinthe Junk, are starting to make enough noise outside the “Country Music Capital of the World” to make a name for themselves. - San Angelo Standard-Times

""Haunting metal sound.""

"Attention all ye steampunk aficionados, Absinthe Junk accomplishes what their name implies—they’re a fitting band for your gears, gadgets, corsets, and metal-worked jewelry! ... A time-tested combination of steely guitars and an ethereal lead female voice place the band solidly within a genre recognized by metal, rockers, and goth fans alike. The difference, however, is that Blair, the lead singer, dabbles in more than a soft-to-screaming vocal. She has a well-supported range and doesn’t mimic an Evanescence sound. Listeners should appreciate this unique take on the genre and this original entry into the field." - Feminist Review


“This band has it all- from goth, metal, to sad ballads ... See Absinthe Junk now, before you can't see them in the clubs anymore. This young lady is going somewhere and these people are committed to making great music ... outstanding. ” - NashvilleRock.Net

""An epic array of musical styles...""

"Absinthe Junk ain't your daddy's rock - unless your father's a classical pianist with a taste for bar fights and cajun fiddles. An epic array of musical styles mixes with unstoppable energy that will take you from 0 to 60 and leave you begging for more." - Standard Times OnStage


"While not coming forth as too influenced by their sound, I would say that Absinthe Junk have the same frenetic energy and willingness to experiment that endeared Gwen Stefani and No Doubt to the buying public." - Neufutur Magazine


"Even though their lead singer, Blair, is something of a wunderkind on various instruments, it is her voice that is at the center of this act. Evanescence seems to be the most obvious comparison but somehow, Absinthe Junk seems to feel a little more authentic for some reason ... She is out for the kill.

This band is talented and they are capable, very capable; the ensuing music will most definitely be something to look out for." - DOA


Piece of Junk EP - Released Dec 2008
6 full-length studio tracks

Debut Album - Living Ghosts
10 studio tracks
Release March 2010

Single - Devilish Grin
Music Video
Release Jan 2011

Sophomore Album - Death in the Afternoon
10 studio tracks
Release TBA

Living Ghosts is available at independent and college radio across North America.

Tracks are available for streaming online via Jango, Pandora, MySpace, Reverbnation, and Facebook.



Absinthe Junk’s ethereal melodies are fused with eclectic musical influences and textures from around the world and darkened by an edgy army of harmonizing and melodic guitars—all of which forge a hard hitting progressive alliance. Absinthe Junk breaking out wide in 2010 after signing to Severe Records, has been the winner of ReverbNation's Playlist 7 contest, featured by Windows Media Weekly and distributed on a compilation disc at SXSW. Drawing on frontwoman Blair’s wide ranging imagination as a trained jazz saxophonist, orchestral composer and—would you believe?— successful comic book visual artist, the band mixes everything from progressive to alt metal and goth rock. Their innovative approach to songwriting finds critics drawing comparisons to other female led rock units Evanescence and Garbage and also to genre-bending frontrunners Abney Park and Portishead.

They’re not for the timid listener or rock fan whose tastes are easily boxed in—each song sports unique instrumentation ranging from violin to Turkish saz all the way to a fully orchestrated symphony. All of that lays the foundation for a sharply crafted assault of metaphorical undertones which saturate the moment, leaving each tune as complex and unique as the instrumentation before it. The freewheeling spirit of the band completely parallels the unique era of French history that inspired their name. Absinthe became the world's most maligned beverage by 1916 with a near world-wide ban after claims were made based on junk science that the drink caused blindness and even insanity.

Their debut album "crashes in with actual Living Substance" according Skope Entertainment (March 2010). Living Ghosts speaks of the ominous, yet unavoidable fits the world finds itself in. “You can’t avoid it. Which is not to be misinterpreted as the extreme negative, either. The fact is we’re all caught in this web. How we handle, reconcile and move through our lives is the real story.” A few tracks key in perfectly on these themes, most specifically the fiery, percussive jam “Commercialized Waste” (a not so subtle knock on the cookie cutter mentality of the corporate side of the music industry which Blair calls “a tango-ized dance with the devil”) and the hypnotic, Eastern flavored, heavily orchestrated “Assassin (Someday),” whose politically charged lyrics lament the demise of sanctity and civility in the world. "Living Ghosts" charted at 157 on radio charts the week of its release and tracks thereon have been licensed to MTV's Parental Control, Nitro Circus, Fantasy Factory, Warren the Ape, and Fox Sports.

The band has achieved a fast and dedicated global fanbase thanks to lead singer, Blair's previous success as an award-winning comic book writer and illustrator. “I’ve had the chance to travel extensively with my comic book career, and I am looking forward to visiting these people and places again as part of a whole new artistic medium,” says Blair. “As a unit, Absinthe Junk is dedicated to forging a path of original independent music featuring songs that listeners can apply to their own lives. The most amazing thing is walking offstage and having people come up and hug us and say they can see past our metaphors and fully connect with what we are singing about up there. It’s a big sound, but there’s an intimacy to these songs as well and we love the way they inspire empathy between us and those who get where we are coming from.”