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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States | SELF

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States | SELF
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"The GOlden Era Of Rap"

The single 99% and his upcoming album Banksters
Absoloot’s new single 99% and his soon to be released album Banksters, highlight the inciting themes of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Most notably the widening economic gap between the top 1% and everyone else. In addition to the unscrupulous behavior of people in power that used greed and complex math as a pretense to gamble; precipitating the economic collapse. Implicit in the song is an issue that surfaced throughout the interview; the need for education. Education in the sense of making oneself aware of the forces and ideas shaping one’s world. - The Progressive Soap Box

"Of Politics and Rap"

While credit has to be given to artists of yesteryear for Absoloot entering the craft, his chosen subject matter is a hallmark of his upbringing. His parents’ influence permeates his work through his dogged insistence on elevating the conversation through the trojan horse of meticulously crafted rhymes and compelling beats. - The Examiner

"Back To The Golden Era Of Rap"

Absoloot the Artist, Absoloot the Man
A consistent theme in the interview was the importance of being the change you want to see effected in the world. Behaving not necessarily in accordance to how the world is, but as the world could and even should be. The interview laid bare Absoloot’s understanding of the importance of image. Not just the image projected to the world, but also to ourselves and our children. Absoloot has pushed hard to showcase a positive image, not just in his craft, but also in the example set by his life.
- Parle Magazine

"Anthem For The 99%"

And while the Democrats struggle to make their case for health care and budget priorities, Absoloot pulls it off in less than 50 words: - Huffington Post

"A Birthday Anthem For The 99%"

We picked this birthday song for you because Absoloot, with power and grace, embraces your multiplicity, hope and fury. The song’s refrain captures the desperation that drove you to the streets and solidarity that gave you power: - Labor Network For Sustainability

"Breaking The Mold"

The artist that would become Absoloot, was fostered musically from his earliest childhood. “I was maybe five or six and I can remember sitting in the living room and my parents were playing some of their favorite Jazz songs,” he said. “As soon as they played ‘Take Five’ by Dave Brubeck, I immediately fell in love with the melody. I remember asking them to play that song over and over again. Still to this day every time I play that song it’s like hearing it for the first time again.” - Skope Magazine

"Absoloot Interview"

After choosing the winner of last month’s Jee Juh Contest– “Absoloot“–we thought it would be a good idea for everyone to get to know the champ a little better. We put together a few questions we thought would reveal the most about what type of man and artist he is and finally set up an exclusive interview with the man himself! The interview is posted below, so we will let the words speak for themselves. HUGE shoutout to Absoloot for taking the time to answer these questions. Your words, your message and most of all your music inspires everybody here at Jee Juh and anyone else listening at home. You got big things headed your way in the future, keep doing your thing! - Jee Juh

"Hiphop.org Front Page"

Absoloot continues to progress forward gaining more momentum as he makes moves. Absoloots’ sound is indescribable blending the new school flavor..

- Hiphop.org

"October Cover"

Absoloot was featured on the cover of nine5four magazine for the month of October 2011. - Nine5four Magazine


Follow Me, Absoloot Raw, Never Enough, Pimpin, Hey Girl, In the Club, I'm The Man, Where I'm From, Spoil Me, Hard as Hell, Hit Me, My Life, 10.31, I Roll, American Soldier, Moving On, Diamonds, Fire, Pleasure and Pain, Dem a Chat, I'm A Beast, My Way, Gold Digger, Consequences,



Hip Hop Artist Absoloot Offers Listeners A New School Style With An Old
School Feel!

Unique and unconventional, Absoloot's brand of hip hop deviates far from the
beaten path. Focusing on content as opposed to a jam of profanity, the
artist places emphasis on his lyrical prowess and state presence instead of
shock to attract listeners. His latest release titled "My Way" is the
continuation of an explosive musical talent who is just getting started.

Absoloot is cut from the same cloth as
many hip hop performers before him, but represents an artist with a style
completely unique and divergent from his predecessors. Since 2006, he has
released two albums each evolving the genre to different levels and giving
listeners a fresh spin on the old school genre. Refusing to become just
another face in the hip hop crowd, Absoloot uses intelligent lyrical content
and live instruments to attract listeners and offer them a deeper message
than the prescribed money and cars routine implemented by many rappers
within the vein.

Released under family owned SOC Records, his album "My Way" is the latest
installment in Absoloot's catalogue and gives listeners a refined brand of
hip hop that is intelligent and complete with old and new school style.
Following his 2006 release titled "Absoloot Raw", the new album perfectly
documents the maturity of the artist as well as the fact that he has
established his place in the hip hop world. Clean content and live
instrumentals mesh perfectly with deep, provocative lyrics to create a rare
breed of hip hop devoid of self promotion and focus on material possessions.

After receiving a great deal of airplay following his debut release,
Absoloot has ventured into a variety of different avenues with his music.
Seven of his tracks were licensed by Don King to promote the James Toney vs.
Samuel Peters fight I and II. The songs "Pleasure and Pain" and "Fire" from
his album "My Way" received significant airplay in Brussels and France
respectively. Absoloot was also invited to the Grammys in 2009 in
recognition of his latest album.

Absoloot is currently in the process of recording his third album as well as
producing other artists. He is also working on releasing his first video for
the "My Life" album which is currently available on iTunes, Rhapsody,
Amazon, and other online music sites. For more on Absoloot, his explosive
young music career, and his latest album, find him on Facebook
(facebook.com/absoloot), Twitter (twitter.com/absoloot), Myspace
(myspace.com/absolootraw), or at the SOC Records site