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The best kept secret in music


"3 stars for Absolute Power"

I have to admit that I was filled with a bit of skepticism when I read the self-description 'Intelligent, Elitist Hip-Hop' on the band's bio page. That skepticism was somewhat misplaced. A Vision of Kings does, at times, slip into some stereo typical musical moments (Cold Water and Keep Doubting Me), but the lyrical content has much more substance than what I would expect from a Hip Hop record. So I would have to say that I am very much on board with the 'Intelligent' label...even if I'm not sure what to make of the 'Elitist' label. The stereo typical musical moments mentioned really only appear on a few songs and, for the most part, the feel and grooves laid out on this record are more of the smooth variety. At some points...very smooth. At one point I thought the sound had a modern Digable Planet vibe (Unlimited) and at other points was impressed with the subtle approach (Keep Digging). The production on the record is very professional from nearly start to finish. The bottom end is full without covering the subtle nuances and strings that fill in the highs. The vocals are crisp sounding and delivered with a very good sense of rhythm. I was most into the vocal rhythms when the vocalist would break down into a stutter step/scat phrase. The bonus track, Skills Found, is not quite on par with the polished sound of the rest of the record and could probably be done away with. But, seeing as it is placed at the very end of the disc as a Bonus Track, it doesn't disturb the ebb and flow of the rest of the record. A Vision of Kings definitely deserves a listen if you find smooth Hip Hop to be something in your current library. It might not be ground breaking enough to lure those not into Hip Hop, but it is a very good sounding record none the less. Very much worth a listen and try. - IndieMatters.com

"New and Unique Sounds"

A Vision of Kings....made for industry ignoring music listeners who don't mind getting dirty digging for new and unique sounds. Absolute Power is a Hip-Hop group featuring the Emcee / Producer duo of MoJo King and Vision. They were 2 of the 5 founding members of the Original Skills Foundation. Along with Flowtation, Hemys, and CL Mecca they carved out a flavor that focuses on lyrics instead of gimmicks and originality instead of guns, drugs, and jewelry. Absolute Power’s sound focuses on more music instead of samples. They blend styles from different genres of music and lay heavy drum tracks over violins, pianos, horns, strings, flutes, and acoustic bass. The album’s lyrics include storytelling, wordplay, politics, God, and more. The lyricists cite Rakim, Ras Kass, Chuck D, and Slick Rick as influences. Because of the blend of musical styles, there aren’t many people you can liken their sound to. If you dig tight lyrics, experimental music, and a sound free from the mindless gun/bling/girl talk you hear on the radio, you will probably dig 'A Vision of Kings' from Absolute Power" - HipHopLinguistics.com

"Sit back and listen"

Welcome ladies and gentlemen once again, as if we never left', the voice sample in the first track goes; conceptually introducing Absolute Power as if they have always been here. You might think different as you’ve probably never heard of ‘em. Both are founding members of the purist hip-hop Original Skill Foundation and now MoJo King (NY) and Vision (FL) teamed up for A Vision Of Kings. Clearly not only a wordplay on their own names, but also the glue that unifies their tracks: a vision, a message and a statement. You’ll actually have to sit back for your listening ventures, cuz this is not your typical easy listening hip-hop. Almost every track is double-sensed and drained with emotions that slap you in the face, or even kick you from one corner to another... Melancholy for instance, in the slow yet hard and galactic 'Dirty Dozen', (a dedication to the once who have been supportin since day one) and in the desprate 'DPO'. Then again Mo and Vision also match perfectly on the joyful lovesong 'Adam & Eve' or the fired up somehow military 'Cold Winter'. A wide range of styles indeed, with one thing in common: personal expression is wrapped around wordplay and vice versa. Striking for the whole album actually is the fact the tracks are in someway transcending time and space, as well on the production as on the lyrical level. One time a track has this good old skool feel ('Unlimited' even made us draw comparisons with LL’s 'I Need Love'!), another time around the exact same song makes you go think this is abstract futuristic stuff , or it takes you back to the mid-90’s ('Skills Found' with the other Foundation members). Absolute Power created a mature record inspired by their own outside-of-the-box-thinking definition of hip-hop, which makes this album not so accessible voor the narrow minded or lazy listener. It took a while for us to appreciate (let alone comprehend – no pun intended) the style and concepts, but it most def did grow on us. So check it out, cause why wouldn’t you be in for a challenge?

http://platform8470.com/reviews/reviews_selectedlp.asp?id=291 - Platform 8470


"A Vision of Kings" - LP - 1/1/2006
"Transitions" - LP - Summer 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


The group consists of MoJo King (aka Molik Johnson based in NYC) and Vision the Iron Disciple (aka Willie Freeman based in Viera, FL). Willie Freeman performs solo when in Florida.

Absolute Power is the collaborative effort of MoJo King and Vision. Their sound has been labeled “Intelligent, Elitist Hip-Hop.” They are part of a segment of lyricists who see music as an Art form instead of just an economic vehicle. Taking to heart D.O.C.'s definition of "R.hythmic A.merican P.oetry".

Though they met in Orlando while attending the University of Central Florida, MoJo is from (and now resides in) Brooklyn, New York. Vision, born in Greenwood, South Carolina, now resides in the Melbourne, Florida area. Although from completely different backgrounds they are unified in the idea of pushing the envelope, driving listener's down an unbeaten path.

The title of their debut album is “A Vision Of Kings”…for obvious as well as subtle reasons. Absolute Power is Hip-Hop Music for the discriminating listener. MoJo King and Vision’s collaborative efforts cater to an audience that places originality at a higher priority than mass appeal.

As two of the five founding members of the Original Skills Foundation, the duo established themselves (along with Hemys, CL Mecca, and Flowtation) as Hip-Hop purists, placing conceptual wordplay and self-expression above clichés and posturing.

Absolute Power’s lyrics are ripe with double-entendre, extended metaphor, visual storytelling, building each line off the last. The idea simple, to create something that on the 10th, 20th listen still has the feel of something new as the listener catches the disrceetly embedded wordplay. The musical arrangements are kaleidoscopic juxtapositions of Jazz, Classical, African and Eastern aesthetics…just the way Hip-Hop should be.

Distinct and different, Absolute Power clearly is not a sound you have heard before. This isn’t the honey-coated prostitution and bubblegum, violence you’re used to. It’s dope beats, ill rhyme, and nasty flows you’d expect from 21st Century Hip-Hop Elitists.