Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero


Matthew Good (Band) + Pearl Jam + Metallica + Alice in Chains = Absolute Zero


Once upon a time at a small high school in Barrie, Ontario, there lived 2 friends named Ryan and Ted. After a few months of being in high school he decided to start a band for a competition called "battle of the bands". The first person he asked to play in the band was Ryan, since Ryan had already been exposed to music for a few years and knew the guitar. Ryan agreed. Next was Kris williams. Ryan didn't know Kris at all and thought that this would be the last (and first) time that they would play together. They played the battle of the bands,[ sucked ], and went into submission for the entire summer.

Enter: Chris O'brien. Chris was an awesome lead guitarist - just what the band needed to influence themselves, while giving the audience something to "wow" over. The band played the battle the year later and rocked the place, still didn't win though.

Another year went by, as Ted and Chris we're now leaving for university, Ryan and Kris now had to find new members to fill the void in which Ted and Chris had created. Absolute Zero was now over with.

Ryan met Killian and Pat in a music class in the fall of 2002. After having much of the entire class ridicule Killian for how he played guitar, Ryan suggest he pick up the bass. In an instant Killian became and excellent bassplayer, throwing small fills and riffs into the music that Ryan wrote.

The music almost creats itself when the 4 members come together, each adding their "touch" to the tunes.


Trigger Happy

Written By: Ryan VanDrie

I feel it now it's coming down again
Pill popping alcoholic it's our own life, you're not my friend
Only feel the evil when you're alone
You are your own worst enemy now

Kicked in the teeth and you're trigger happy
And I dont know what made you snap

Disconnected from the concious sate of mind
Now don't go in, don't go in

The magazine is now full
The articles you read blow holes through the wall
This was inevitable
You are your own worst enemy now

Angel of Death

Written By: Ryan VanDrie

Life is what we break
Souls are what we take
I'll reposses your life I'll take you to a place that you've never been before

No sympathy, just do the job
Come with me when you get clubbed
This life's not easy as it seems
Take a seat and wait for destiny

'Cuz I'm waiting with everything you do
There's no sense in running, and I'm coming after you

Fade Away
If life is what you chose, don't be afraid to lose

Fade Away
Standing at your door awaits the angel of death


None of Absolute Zero's songs are currently recieving any airplay.

demo cd:
Trigger Happy
Death Drives a Volkswagen
Buried Alive
Angel of Death

other songs not currently recorded:

Set List

Typical setlist is 30-45 minutes long, and includes as many of the songs we have written. We don't often play covers, but there are a future for some songs:

Billy Idol - Rebel Yell
Jeremy - Pearl Jam
Happy Hour - Tragically Hip

and many others