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"Band Review - Absolution"

When I was first interviewing Peter Tork of The Monkees, I asked what can bands do to take it to the next level….he said in so many words, “be dedicated”. This band is dedicated from the full banner with their name on it to the big trailer of equipment. They are at that next level in dedication. Now, could they prove themselves as musicians? They did. It is rare to see a diversified band. This 4 piece hard to melodic to metal band put together a wonderful set mixing in perfect cover tunes of Alice In Chains and Faith No More. Pace was mixed from heart felt lyrical songs to driving belly groaning metal. A very talented lead guitar with a nature flare of ability shown threw the entire set. A quiet reserved drummer shown no signs of reservation once he sat behind the skins. Good pulse beating of the bass player creating that thumping one feels in your heart. The lead singer has a nice range and very good stage presence. Introducing songs with quick short explanations kept an audience’s attention. His stage performance enhanced it. Overall, I really liked this band and what they were trying to create musically. If you don’t’ believe me….go to www.noabsolution.com - "Big Daddy" Chris - www.thenail1.com

"Absolution one of the final shows at The Staircase"

When the band Absolution takes the stage at The Staircase next Friday night, they will be one of the last acts to ever perform at the legendary rock venue. “The Case,” which has had two locations and has been the home to live music for three decades, is closing its doors in December. Over the years everyone from Harpo to The Badlees, UUU to The Collective and Strangers With Candy to Breaking Benjamin have rocked the house at the renowned venue, and that sense of history isn’t lost on Absolution bassist Boge.
“It’s our Fillmore, and it definitely has been for a long time,” he says. “We’ve played The Staircase numerous times, and every time we’ve played there, we had a blast. It’s a shame. It really is.”
Boge says the loss will be felt not only by music fans, but by bands as well.
At the very least, it’s one less place for these area bands to play, and that’s a damn shame in and of itself,” he says. “It has been open for so long, and it stood up against the sands of time…I don’t know if live music is waning in the Northeast PA area - to where these good clubs have to shut down - but they can’t pay the bills unless people come out to the shows.”
Boge hopes fans will come to Absolution’s show on Dec. 9, when they’ll share the bill with Seventh Victim, Slapjaw and Idol Eyez. The band also features “Godin” on drums, “Chad” on vocals and “Joey G.” on guitar. The group was formed nearly two years ago and the current line-up has been in place since February. It is planning its first EP and has already recorded several of its songs at its home studio. Tracks include “Starting Now,” “Survivor,” “Follow” and “I’ll Feel Fine.”
Musically, Boge says Absolution comes full force. And though it is a metal-influenced band, it is also anchored by a sense of melody.
“The sound is raw and powerful, the lyrics are insightful, and there’s a lot of melody to combine the two and carry the songs,” he says. “We have a goal as we’re writing songs, to give a song its own freedom to write itself. When it’s doing that, it seems that there’s always a melodic feel to what’s going on. If the guitar is doing something heavy and chunky, and the vocals are doing some screaming and growling, it seems that the bass carries a sweeping melody through it. Even Tom on drums sometimes carries a melody.”
The drums? Carrying the melody?
“It’s pretty crazy,” he says with a chuckle. “He uses every bit of his drum set. A lot of times, when we go through a breakdown, where the bass and the guitar are just chunkin’ and maybe just ridin’ on one note, he keeps the beat with the kick drum, and he’ll be doing some melodies on the toms.”
Absolution’s influences include Pantera, Tool, Faith No More, Dream Theater, Alice In Chains, King’s X, Nothingface, Sevendust, Korn, Mudvayne and System of A Down. In addition to performing their own material, the music of such acts also sometimes finds its way onto the Absolution setlist. Hard-Rock, says Boge, often provides inspiration.
“The metal music that I listen to gives me a whole circle of things that influence my life,” he says. “Most of the bands that I listen to kind of give you the negative end, and then things that they’re angry about, but they also come full circle and kind of give you a resolve. And that, collectively, is what we try to do as a band. We have music that kids can get their frustrations out and their anger out, and channel it into a more positive way. Every one of our songs seems like it has some kind of resolve or some kind of ending where you don’t have to go out and punch someone.”
Boge says the song “Follow,” for example, deals with “the battle between spirituality and religion” and talks of how “people get caught up in a ritualistic part of their religion, and kind of forget what it’s really supposed to be about.” Such themes, he says, are an important part of the ban’s glass-is-half-full approach to life and music.
“Every member of the band has their own spiritual side to them,” he says. “We’re not necessarily a spiritual band, but we want to classify ourselves as a positive energy band. There’s no song that’s negative from beginning to end. We got the name Absolution from finding salvation in music. Each one of us has gone through some tough times, and each one of us has looked for solace through music. Music has been there for each one of us. That’s where the name comes from.” - Alan Stout - The Weekender



Absolution 4 song demo
Absolution - Mind Over...What Doesn't Matter (7 song EP)
Absolution - V.2.0 (3 song "giveaway")
New release scheduled for Spring '06


Feeling a bit camera shy


It was a rather warm day for September. You tend to notice things like that when you're unloading your equipment while dressed for the gig. We had our equipment unloaded on the landing just outside of the stage door. Breaking Benjamin sounded great, even during a simple sound check. As they were done and put their equipment away, they gave us the "nod" as they passed us on their way out.

We rushed the stage, efficiently getting everything set up and ready to go in the least amount of time possible. This is something we take pride in and are known for. We were the first band kicking off the "Rock for Relief" benefit concert for hurricane Katrina victims. We had to be fast. Timing is very important in such events. As we're setting up, the sea of people were let in the doors. Kids jammed themselves up against the barrier that was set up in front of the stage. Already their eyes were focused on us even though the house lights were low and stage lights were down.

The promoter asked if we were ready, his nervousness and urgency regarding the event was apparent. Chad, our vocalist calmly smiled, nodded and said "absolutely". "Awesome!" the promoter said as he went to announce us. He thanked the crowd, for helping with the Katrina effort, getting them riled up. You could feel the energy in the air. Then those magical words hit our ears "...please welcome, your first band of the night...ABSOLUTION!" The lights burst with a sinister heat, as the drums, guitar and bass made our presence known. As Chad screamed "Let me hear you!", the crowd was deafening.

Even though we are a local metal band from Dorrance, a little town in Northeastern PA, you would have thought we were a huge touring act with 15 years under our belt. The crowd couldn't get enough. We've noticed that we are quite successful with any crowd we play in front of. We've been pleasantly surprised when playing a venue that doesn't seem to be metal-friendly, only to find that the crowd reacts positively. This is due to our ability to relate to our audience. Everyone has emotions, whether it be anger, happiness, positivist or frustration. Our original songs not only touch on these emotions, but they grab them and fully represent them. The cover songs we've chosen fit in very well with the originals that we play.

Be it an all original showcase, or a bar/club gig where we mix in our cover songs, Absolution touches a chord with everyone in the crowd. From the admiration we give our nations military in "Impending" or perhaps the disgust we express for self-absorbed liars in "The Real You" or simply the frustration with one's self for falling into a mundane routine and forgetting to live your life to your full potential in "Starting Now". Or perhaps you are drawn in by the selection of cover songs we play? We choose cover songs on two levels. 1) was the song popular and well known at the point of it's original release. If you are going to play obscure cover songs that perhaps only you know, you might-as-well play an original song. and 2) do other "cover bands" play the song? If so, we don't, we want to be something different, fresh.