Abstract Theory
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Abstract Theory

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Hip Hop Jazz




"Abstract Theory coordinates Under the Bridge Fest"

“We just love music of all kinds and so we wanted to represent that, because one of the reasons I did this is because I feel like a lot of festivals and events play favorites and, you know, they also play it safe,” says Troy Johnson, events coordinator at Three Rivers Circus and one half of the local hip-hop duo Abstract Theory, who will also play the festival - Amanda Waltz

"Abstract Theory Interview with Tha Local Beat"

Abstract Theory discuss their current project, touring with KRS-One, and the idea of forever music versus now music. - Sean Armstrong

"Under the Bridge Aims to Entertain Homestead"

Troy Johnson, one-third of the trio that constitutes Abstract Theory, an act performing at the festival, initiated the event with help from fellow members of the art collective Three Rivers Circus (TRC). However, this is far from the first event the group has ever hosted. In recent years, they have held the TRC Paint Jam at Color Park, the PopPunk PowerUp! and The TRC Meet and Greet.

However, Johnson wants to make clear that unlike many of the other events the collective has hosted, the overarching aim will not only be to promote Pittsburgh art, but to “bring some economic vitality into the area of Homestead.” - Sean Armstrong


Wasted Youth



Abstract Theory is a forward thinking hip hop group. We strive to get the listener to open their mind to new concepts and ways of being. Our music is emotionally intelligent as we let one place themselves in our shoes and feel what we feel.

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