abstraCt G

abstraCt G


Rap Producer turned Electro Genius...


Raised in the south, Darius "abstraCt G" Williams spent most of his childhood fiddling with old turntables, cassette decks, Walkmans, and had a keen curiosity for electronics. After years of interest and computer knowledge abstraCt started to make rap beats using Fruity Loops 3 around the age of 12. As the years progress so did his talent, ethic, and drive. After graduating Omni Tech Institute in Decatur, GA, Williamssigned on with a local label Phat Stacks Records in 2011. Ensuing a brief run and fall-out with the label he began to move away from the "rap producer" style to endeavor into the Electro/Dance scene dropping a wave of tracks such as "Dinosaurs" and the soundcloud favorite "4Fifty2". Rumors of a completely mastered album are said to be on iTunes around early 2014.


None as of 2013...