Absylom Rising

Absylom Rising


Absylom Rising combines elements of jam, bluegrass, funk, old-time country, delta blues, and rock & roll.


Absylom Rising all began when lead guitarist Gabe Rikard and rhythm guitarist Heath Mahan went skiing in Colorado with a group of high school buddies. Jamming around the fire at night and pickin' on the curb for repair money for their broken down van during the trip home convinced the duo to gig together when they got back. Gabe was working on his doctorate in Oxford, MS, and that's where they met Jonathan Williams, who stepped in at bass a year later. When Jonathan graduated, the trio hit the road, but pieces were still missing, and a monthly gig in Jackson, TN turned up a smoking drummer named John Ashley. The trio became a quartet, and for the first time Absylom Rising was a full band. Today, AR is on track to play over 200 shows this year alone, and their irreverent blend of musical genres is beginning to take hold.


Under the Radar; 2005

Set List



Sativa's Subversive Rag

The Great Blue

PJN Reprise

Back Home Blues

First Time Around



Make it Through



Playing with Fire

Prince Joe Nathan

Under the Radar

Temple of My Heart

Belmont Porch

Kudzu and Pavement

Reba Snowbird

The Life and Death of Blu Jackson


The Mills Refrain

St. Patti's Song

Still Shot

From Far Away


Phish: Sample in a Jar
Phish: Character Zero
Phish: Farmhouse
Phish: My Sweet One
Phish: Down with Disease
Phish: Poor Heart
Phish: Possum
Phish: Sparkle
Phish: Catapult

Grateful Dead: Sugar Magnolia
Grateful Dead: Shakedown Street
Grateful Dead: Fire on the Mountain
Grateful Dead: Friend of the Devil
Grateful Dead: Franklin's Tower

Widespread Panic: Coconuts
Widespread Panic: Pigeons

Allman Brothers: One Way Out
Allman Brothers: Midnight Rider
Allman Brothers: Blue Sky

Dave Matth