One man (sometimes with group) dynamic variety show. Strings, Flutes and Drums from every continent. Instrumentals and Songs (mostly for mandolin). A groove stew of styles and genres with ups and downs and surprises all the way. Solo or group (varies per show/project). From dance to relaxing.


About 17 Years ago, Glenn Abuwan got his first Didgeridoo. (The name abuwan was thrown at and stuck to Glenn about 10 years ago while he was in a boundary pushing performance art group). He taught himself to play this Didgeridoo, and was teaching others and playing professional gigs within a year, becoming known for his ability to play this simple yet difficult instrument. For instance, the summer that the Atlanta zoo opened up its kangaroo exhibit, Glenn had 13 gigs there and got to know the kangaroos very well. A few years later he discovered his natural talent for drumming. He uses this playing regularly with the Atlanta team of the international Drum Cafe (www.drumcafeatlanta.com). Fast Fwd. 17 years and hundreds of performances (including one as the "Green Drum Master" for the opening ceremony of the 1996 Olympics) to his present day collection of over 100 instruments, a few of which he built himself, and each of which he taught himself to play. His only formal music training was piano lessons from age 8-9. Glenn's composition and performance styles vary depending on the purpose of the music (movie soundtrack, commercially available recording, meditation recording, ...) or the venue of the show (festival, educational assembly at a school, club, ...). Glenn's music is very otherworldly. He can play and record most any style, and his own style is incredibly organic sounding with subtle hints of accomplished and intricately unique playing.


circus moon'd flood

Written By: abuwan

Pouring rain, 
finally coming down now
It's been a while, 
I thought the sky forgot how
Look both ways, when you
wade across the street 
to find me climbing, flying.

Window pane
sees the puddles on the ground
Stormy day
wind and thunder speak out loud
It's ok, you can 
wade across the street 
to find me...


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Set List

Chakdunuun, Baglamaj, Sunny Day, Far From the Tree, Woody Wind, Sprout, Nowhere to Roam, Bird Joe River, Who By Fire, Blow Wind Blow