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The best kept secret in music


"Attacked By Wolves"

Attacked by Wolves is not wasting any more time. A mere two months after finalizing its lineup, this homegrown power-pop rock band released a five-song EP. Six months later it recorded its self-titled debut, taking less than a week to finish the entire process including recording, production and artwork creation.

After holding an official CD release party there was only one thing for the Toledo-area natives to do – go on tour. The band logged 4,300 miles in 60 hours of drive time, hitting five stops in little over a week. Attacked by Wolves is not wasting any more time.

Attacked by Wolves began in 1998 when Jordan Powers and Josh Jones started playing acoustic shows around the Toledo area. Curious to see what their songs would sound like performed by a rock band, Powers and Jones set about the task of finding members to fill out the group.

Over the next six years, the group changed its lineup several times as members joined and then left, were added or dropped. But as time passed a solid band was beginning to form.

With Powers on lead vocals and guitar, Doug Kollman on guitar and vocals, Steve Longoria on bass and Dave Hasbrouck on drums, the final piece fell into place in December 2004 when Jones, who had moved to Colorado, returned to Toledo and rejoined the band to play guitar and help out on vocals.

Attacked by Wolves is a true sum of its parts. While Powers brings the framework of each song and provides the lyrical content, it is up to the rest of the band to decide the final direction of each song.

“Jordan writes the framework of the songs and we all put in what feels natural. Once everyone has their input in, that’s when the songs are finished,” Longoria said.

The finished songs are melodic power-pop, driven by a wall of harmonizing guitars, thick bass and crisp, steady drums. And while the band does have punk and emo influences, the band is quick to distance itself from either category, preferring the term “hybrid compromise” to describe its sound and the widely varied musical tastes each member brings to the band.

Though its members may claim otherwise, the band name is not symbolic in any way. Attacked by Wolves was picked from a lengthy list of names, but given the chance the band members will take the opportunity to make up a false back-story.

“It has no deeper meaning,” Powers confirmed.

And while the band jokingly refers to it as the “worst name ever,” Attacked by Wolves is more concerned about the music than flashy marketing.

“With a name like ours we hope to let the music speak for us,” Longoria said.

After recording its debut CD in less than a week, the band hit the road for a five-stop tour across the Midwest, West and reaching as far south as Texas. The trip proved to be a lesson in the rules of the road.

“We learned a lot: Get a booking agent, contracts, and have shorter stops in between cities instead of 10-hour drives,” Powers said.

“But,” Hasbrouck quickly added, “the few shows we did do, we were well received.”

Despite the cramped conditions in their touring vehicle and the hard lessons learned on the road, the band members talked fondly of their experiences and the people they met along the way.

“People were asking for autographs and singing along with our songs; it was strange,” Powers said. “Grand Junction, Mo., was cool because everybody at the show was smiling and really getting into it.”

“Those experiences push us harder because when you can thrill somebody else like that, it make us all enjoy rocking out that much more,” Jones said.

Attacked By Wolves may not be wasting any time making advances into the music industry, but for the time being the band is more concerned about just having a good time.

“I’m not worried about the money,” Jones said. “I like the energy, making people laugh and smile. Meeting new people fills me up; it fills my glass. Playing music feeds me.”

Along with the new CD and the tour, Attacked by Wolves was also featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered: Open Mic, an online music show featuring unsigned bands. Their song “Checklists and Standards” is still online and can be found on Stage 98.

The Internet has been one of the biggest factors in helping the band spread its music across the country.
“We are very good at utilizing the Internet,” Has-brouck said.

Aside from the song on the NPR site, Attacked by Wolves can also be found at Pure Volume, an online resource for musicians to showcase their material, and MySpace, an online community.

A short band profile and several songs can be heard at and at

A limited edition version of Attacked by Wolves’ new CD is available on its Web site at The band hopes to have the album in local music stores by the end of the year.

Attacked by Wolves is currently working on new material and will perform at the Thunderbird Café in Jackson, Mich., on Saturday, October 15.

- By Jason Mendelsohn
- The Maumee Mirror

"Toledo Idol - Attacked By Wolves"

They are five guys who say they never know what is going to happen when they get on stage for a show. 'Attacked By Wolves' say the random rush from the crowd is why they love getting up there in the first place. Three qualities that keep bringing the group success are compromise, confidence, even a little bit of craziness.

"The reason we do these shows every couple of months is to make everyone come out, and see their friends to have a good time," said bassist, Steve Longoria.

"When you hear the name, 'Attacked By Wolves', you think that it's gonna be some kind of stupid metal band," said lead singer, Jordan Powers.

But the group seems to be doing something right. The indie, rock, powerhouse has taken 'Attacked By Wolves' on tour out west and people actually knew some of their songs.

"Kids were singing along to our songs in other cities and we had never even been there before," said Powers.

Whether they are touring the country, or playing a show for a couple of fans, 'Attacked By Wolves' approach their music with the same energy and excitement.
- Fox News


We have released two albums in the past year and are currently writing our third.

Attacked By Wolves Self Titled 5 Track EP (2005)
Attacked By Wolves Self TItled Full Length (2005)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Attacked By Wolves do not waste time. Mere months after finalizing a powerful line up at the end of 2004, Attacked By Wolves had already made their true aspirations clear. Within eight months the band recorded, produced and released a five-song EP, a full-length self-titled debut and then rattled off a quick tour, much to the delight of their ever-growing fan base. Attacked By Wolves have successfully created a place for themselves in the world of rock and roll, spreading their music across the country through their live shows, the Internet and a lot of word of mouth buzz.

Attacked by Wolves are among a new breed of bands to emerge in the last few years with an insatiable drive and a work ethic that is matched only by their passion for music and their intensity on stage. Steve Longoria (Bass), Dave Hasbrouck (Drums), Doug Kollman (Guitar/Vocals), Josh Jones (Guitar/Vocals) and Jordan Powers (Guitar/Lead Vocals) craft melodic power-pop driven by a wall of harmonizing guitars, thick bass and crisp, steady beats. Rising above their peers in both talent and passion, Attacked By Wolves are on the move and ready to make the music world take notice.