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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Abyss - "Into and Beyond" (Self-produced)
Abyss - "LIVE: at LaVillareal Special Events Center (Self produced)
Another album to be released this month (February 2005)

Songs that have had radio airplay: "My Mind", "The Test"



Staring into the unfathomable Abyss, one might get a glimpse of the depths one band can take music. Mankind is on the brink of discovering the nexus between the old world craftsmanship of heavy metal music and the progression of the modern, open-minded music of this era. With the release of their first demo, which is high on demand, Abyss is primed to give fans everything of themselves. They love to entertain and aspire to reach people with their music. They believe there's no room for a bad attitude in this business but insist on doing everything their way. Abyss live shows are loud, aggressive, and highly energetic; an arena for listeners to let our their frustrations and take part in the madness. Abyss has something to offer every music enthusiast. Having being motivated by early thrash, and modern metal, as well as the underground. They cite their main musical influences as Slayer, Pantera and Fear Factory. Abyss consists of main lyricist Adam Miller on vocals, a commanding presence onstage with a rough, aggressive style. On guitar is Rik Garza, whose technique is hard, heavy...intense. Drummer Joey Buitron has a massive sound, displaying speed and technicality with precision control over time changes. Bass player Ralph Aguilera locks in with the band, his undertones being the link between the drums and guitars. Together, Abyss has created music that is powerful and impassioned. The songs on their debut demo are about fantasy and real life. While their creativity radiates with songs like Loaded, their resourcefulness allows them to take further steps to understanding humanity. They speak of inner strength and overcoming adversity. They are expressing themselves to the world with songs like Negative 1, My Mind, Landslide, The Test, and Lamentations. In the six years Abyss has been together, they have entertained crowds all over South Texas, in cities like McAllen, Corpus Christi, and San Antonio. They have also entertained crowds in Mexico. Working together they have developed a strong, loyal following who have inspired them to developed into the studio and give them what they so desire. Recording at two local studios in McAllen, Texas, Abyss has churned out a six-song demo worthy of worldwide exposure. Abyss present goal is to play everywhere possible, expanding their fan base and making a living performing and creating their music. For the six years Abyss has been together, they have been active in their community, helping building a strong local music scene and making friends out of the competition. They believe if a band has made it, no matter what style of music it is, they deserve respect. With their demo, Abyss are about to journey where the music takes them. One certainty remains: In the depths of the Abyss is the unknown. EXTRA INFO: Abyss has opened up for the following bands: WASP, Sepultura, Days of the New. They have also played in numerous venues locally, regionally, and nationally.