High-Energy, Aggressive Rock band fighting to revitalize the Atlanta music scene since 2002. You'll either love us or hate us.... but you'll hear about us either way.


Influenced by a multitude of genres and musical eras, ABYSS brings an array of sounds to the pallet to be painted over an aggressive rock backdrop. While there's no mistaking the brightness of Ben's slap bass sound, or the dirty crunch of Benny's guitar tone...... each song is completely different than the next. We are constantly pushing ourselves to mix in new ideas, influences, and styles. It makes for an amazing show!


2004- Radio Hazard
(Waking Up, Reservations, Perfect)
Recorded at Rex Trax
Mastered by Glenn Schick

2006 NvP
(Artificial, Complex, Hooks, 2 Kool, Out of Touch, Pious, Riptide)
Recorded at Chase Park Transductions
Produced by ABYSS and Ben Horst
Mastered by Rodney Mills

Set List

Typically, for an hour set......
Anxiety, Artificial, Hooks, Waking Up, Reservations, Perfect, Riptide, Complex.....but there's plenty more when needed!