ABYSS Ft. The Tremmors

ABYSS Ft. The Tremmors


Get ready to witness greatness,think of when music was music and the sounds of electro & funk got you moving on the dance floor,well get ready to witness the return........


The sound of Abyss is blending the genres of all classic music from soul,electro,hip hop,r&b and funk to give you something fresh and new especially in these days of cookie cutter radio cuts that the labels push out. Abyss also has the Philadelphia edge to his music touching on all things worldly yet,still appealing to the urban market. You need to listen to Abyss and take in what he has to offer to the world of music.

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Abyss Antidote Mash Up EP

Up & coming singles "Sweet Tooth & Groovy Baby"

Set List

Set list is usually 6-7 songs (shorts) and maybe 1-2 original songs along with mash ups.