A Cadence Paradigm

A Cadence Paradigm


A Cadence Paradigm is a band that remembers the music that has actual emotional value, music that inspires one to become a better person and change the world. They remember that music is art that should be respected, not exploited. This is their goal, to change the world through inspiration.


A Cadence Paradigm, or ACP, is an up-and-coming band from Columbia, South Carolina with an original sound and a dedication to changing people's lives through their music. Hard to categorize, their music features characteristics of rock, jazz, and indie music.

Members Include:

Evan Farinholt (Drums/Percussion): Hailing from Washington, DC, Evan is an extraordinarily talented, self-taught drummer who is very dedicated to his skill. A few of Evan's many influences include: Jon Theodore, Peter Erskine, Will Calhoun, Sam Fogarino and Terry Bozzio.

Adam Kerr (Guitar): Born and raised in Columbia, SC, Adam has been playing guitar since his childhood. Adam writes much of the music for A Cadence Paradigm as well as his trademarked solos that leave the crowd wanting more ACP. Some of his influences are: The Mars Volta, John Mayer, Wes Montgomery, and Coldplay.

Jeff Saul (Vocals and Guitar): Jeff was also born in Columbia, SC, and began playing guitar and singing at a young age. Jeff writes most of the lyrics for ACP as well as much of the music. Some of his many influences include: Wes Montgomery, Coldplay, Ben Folds, Third Eye Blind, RHCP, John Mayer, and Bob Dylan.

ACP are not your typical band. They are not motivated by fame, by money, or by lust for celebrity status. The common desire among the members of ACP is to emotionally empower their listeners through the emotional charge provided by their music. We have all had an emotion or feeling enhanced or reversed by the power of a song. The goal of ACP is to use this mysterious power of music and the messages of their lyrics to impact the lives of their listeners.


Coldest Days of August

Written By: Jeff Saul

Maybe I just want to live above this,
Time is wasting,
I’m swimming through all that I can bear,
And you’re deaf as always.

I back out, just to leave her apartment,
And I hold on, just to see her smiling,
And I know I might be right..
The Coldest Days of August

(Verse 1)
The sheets are white as are the walls,
They are no different from the last time,
That I was here.

Tracing Emotion like a line of something real,
Is of no meaning
To a ghost consumed by fear.

Tear down these walls,
Combat your smile with my resentment,
Holding back is an echo
I refuse to realize.

Confusion reigns until I understand
That tragedy took the last hand
I had left to drive…


(Verse 2)
The rise and fall of a simple life,
Now stands replaced by the mix of trials,
And the beautiful dream that lives inside.

It’s a shame that most can’t hear
Those songs that extend beyond our ear
And see scenes that reach beyond our
Straining eyes.

Your irony was stunning with no direction or proper cause,
Until your presence lit the way to where I belong.
I look back fondly now, not because I miss your hollow shell,
But solely for the the lesson amidst the wrong…


Written By: Jeff Saul

(Verse 1)
Somewhere Lives
Are starting to unwind
And you’re sitting quiet beside
And you are breathless

And choiceless suppose
You were as helpless as those
Who swim as fish in a bowl
Only waiting now for Time’s Toll

You don’t cry
You don’t feel
This second-hand life was never real
Fly away now to where we all go

A second chance
A change of heart
Where one life ends the other can start
Abandon the numbing darkness that you know

(Verse 2)
You’re Talking But you
Are only talking to fools
Engaged they stare and drool
But minds stay empty

But here you find proof
To justify the days you go through
To step inside the shoes you want to
Begin to change the things you need to

(Chorus x 2)

Out of Time

Written By: Jeff Saul

(Verse 1)
It’s time we were happy
It’s time they were screaming
It’s time we were walking alone

It’s time that we’re losing
It’s time that’s still fleeting
It’s time that we chase
And Time our memories erases

But I know what to say
If I have

Take it all away
I’m out of time

Let beauty slip right through your fingers
Those who should love, would love,
Never now shall know
This heart it yearns to love
But now the same old heart
Is crying out in fear


I fear I’ll never hear your screaming voice
Calling out my name
Living these parallel lives, we close our eyes
Forgetting hurt and pain
The rose among this flower bed I crave
I want all of you I want all of you all

(Chorus x 2)

Looking Through

Written By: Jeff Saul

(Verse 1)
Sunlight breaks over the moor
A shot rings out to beg for the start of yet another war
And to the victor goes this prize
Her words pierce through me, can you see the fear that’s in his eyes?

This girl could break a man apart
But now an anthem sounds for every broken heart

Baby I see you
I see those eyes I stare through
They bring you out they do
You’re living a lie but you don’t have to
You cry at night but you don’t have to

(Verse 2)
The truth it hides where you don’t go
And songs of love bounce off of a cold and lonely soul
The world you crave is madness and we won’t have this, we won’t have this
All the children come outside and gather round and sing
Sha la la la la la la la la

(Chorus x 2)

Inside of the Moment

Written By: Jeff Saul

(Verse 1)
These tired lifetimes retrace their steps
Where did this daydream shatter?
Weighted down by pressure’s means to ends
I feel it again.

Heavy hearted, pain never felt so well
But pleasure’s too far for calling
Wake me up before this sleep is too deep.

Hanging onto that reason isn’t working out so well
And holding out for that feeling is a comfort too distant now

(Verse 2)
A tired old man retraces his steps
Where did we lose the tracking?
Breaking out is harder than you think.

And Last time we screamed until we could not breathe
And turned to others for understanding of
The beauty of sweet emotion.

Hanging onto that reason isn’t working out so well
And holding out for that feeling is a comfort much too distant now

Hanging onto that reason isn’t working out so well
Isn’t working out so well…

Inside of the Moment
I’m holding back for reasons I cannot explain
I only know this one expression
When life gets you down and the road is no longer up for grabs and you’re but a grave
Let emotion guide you without question


Through sadness and elation
Anger, fear, and inspiration
The most dreaded of emotion
Is far better than none at all

(Chorus x 2)


Written By: Jeff Saul

(Verse )
I awaken to no sight or sound.
My blindfold on; volume turned down.
Go through the motions, step outside and enjoy the day.
One day vacation; destination the perfect hideaway.

She’s falling away
Just for today
But this piece of mind
Sometimes you just have to take

I’m falling out of sight and mind
This life’s too short not to spend the time
Away from the sound and fury of the outside.


(Chorus x2)

Piercing Her Mind

Written By: Jeff Saul

(Verse 1)
Her head drowned itself in
The sweetness of better days.

Forces of nature
Rip away at here like
So many razors.

But this is life she says,
If we were perfect we’d be boring,
We’d be boring.

So let me fade into this patchwork,
Let me hide forever,
In my fear.

A familiar calling;
A tender voice; the key to her cell
Pierced her minds eye,
And life was born.

But now she’s drowning once again,
And she only feels what she cannot feel,
What she can no longer feel.

(Verse 2)
Into relative obscurity
She seems to fade away.
Amidst a crowded room,
All these hours slip into days

Her shining blue gaze
Meets my longing stare.
When time resumes,
I do not know her,
She’s a stranger, live without her
Is not one I want,
But it’s one I have.

(Chorus x 2)

Plastic World

Written By: Jeff Saul

Of our pasts
Gather around
We’re going to restore your towns
And live and die
With a fire inside
And escape these times
Of Plastic Lives

Of our pasts
Could you see?
This numbness creeping over me
With every new day
We were throwing away
So much more than
We ever would gain

A runaway train
A runaway train

Jewels of life in the world of old
Replaced by the shimmer of silver and gold
Do only as you’re told
Don’t break out of this mold

Trade all of your morality
For an awkward practicality
A new man-made reality

It seems to me the worst loss is
The one you never know you lose
Until pleasure is a memory too
And you don’t know what to do

I guess I’ll trade more morality
For a little bit of practicality
This new man-made reality
Is losing its appeal to me

Of our pasts
Gather around
We’re going to restore your towns
And live and die
With a fire inside
And escape these times
Of Plastic Lives

Before we grow too old
I want to restore the world
And live and die with a fire inside
And escape these times
Of Plastic Lives


Written By: Jeff Saul

Verse 1)
The clear through which we drown
A hand-made and spiraling energy
The mast comes thundering down
No crew is willing to test its reach now

Its not for us to test its reach

(Chorus x 2)
Fainter hearts may feel
It pulls them in and it spits them out now
Understand these words are mine
But its always been more
We are like sand-grains in this riptide

(Verse 2)
We felt this whole thing out
A cruel yet simple irony
Beyond what lies before us yet beyond our doubt
Lies this tide of certain consequence evading me

(Chorus x 3)

The Surface

Written By: Jeff Saul

(Verse 1)
Where Music masks the hallowed silence,
And the depth resounds so far away.
Unstable alibis are flawless truths of life.
And only beaming eyes dismiss the day.

(Verse 2)
Good Morning World and they’re alive again.
Though chains are carving flesh and bone.
Laughing mouths echo each is louder than before.
Poisoned and melting but still in perfect tone.

(Chorus x2)
On the Surface above the rage
Hiding our sorrow and all of our pain,
Beauty lies and the sad man jokes.

On the Surface who can explain?
All is well and all is the same.
Out of control and void of hope.

(Verse 3)
Tbe music sounds from every corner
With empty faces they greet the day.
And feeble minds are filled with horror
As the others slowly turn away.

(Chorus x 2)


Coldest Days of August
Out of Time
Looking Through
Plastic World
Inside of the Moment
Piercing Her Mind
The Surface