We are a band that prides itself on our passion for music. We work hard, and play harder.



I was once asked by a reporter to describe Acadia in one word. The first response that came to my mind was to just say “Acadia” back to her. It’s one word. However, when I finally thought of a word that truly described our band, it was passion. The dictionary describes the word passion as ‘A powerful emotion, such as love, joy, hatred, or anger.’ We feel that our music represents emotion to its fullest. Sometimes we share our emotions with the audience, and other times, we try to get them to show us theirs. Our passion for our music and the music around us is something that is beyond doubt, unmatched. Our biography is a very honest and heart felt presentation of who we are. It’s full of witty sarcasm, and wholesome truth. We hope you enjoy our story.

Meet the Band

Acadia! Most would think of a national park, or a college, or the name of a fraternity spelled wrong, but to the four members and their fans, it is a revolution.

For roughly two years, the band known as Acadia, has been playing shows together and working on developing a fan base. They really enjoy spending most of their evenings together at Steak n' Shake, looking at old baby pictures and sharing their favorite milkshake. Most of the time, they only order one, and share it with four straws.

Rising from the suburbs of Indianapolis, Acadia is a four piece rock band who got their start in April of 2003. The band consisted of 3 current members and a bass player. The original bassist was replaced by the one and only Matthew Ritter. Like most bands, Acadia went through many name changes. However, they could probably publish a quite lengthy novel with the amount names they had before they settled on Acadia. When they are not practicing or performing on stage, they spend their free time hanging out with each other, pumping gas for old people and offering free wagon rides for young children at the local park.

During band practice they sometimes get side tracked and start chasing their Indian drummer around in a very rough, sexual, and quite intense game of cowboys and Indians.

Like every other band in the world, Acadia has a list of statistics, show dates, and press clippings that could put the energizer bunny to sleep. They really feel that stats and talk are not what makes a band stand out. It’s the music that counts. When it comes down to it, the guys in Acadia are all very best friends who play music together, because it’s their one true passion.

Besides their frequent trips to pre-schools where they play hide and seek with the younger kids, they absolutely love spending time with their fans and all the people they have met over the years.


Chris, Matthew, Mike and Aneish have just as much fun off-stage as they do on-stage. Their chemistry is something that could never be matched. They have been playing together with the same line-up for two years now and they wouldn't have it any other way. Acadia hopes that people can see their music as a reflection of themselves, and things that they have all been through. But most of all, they want people to be able to relate to their music. They have been influenced by so many bands; and Acadia hopes that they can give their fans the same thing they received from bands themselves.

After two years together, they are all in their final year of high school. Balancing music and High School is a story in itself. However, the goals they have set for themselves are endless, and they do everything they can to reach them. When they first started, all they wanted to do was play a show. Soon they set their sights on much larger and more challenging goals that they will stop at nothing to reach.

When it comes down to it, Acadia's main goal is not to get signed or become famous, but it is to affect the lives of the people who need it most, and to give something to people that can be remembered forever.

We feel this joke represents the band in better words that we ever could. “why is emo grass the best”……………..because it cuts itself!


“Demonstration 2004” May 2004
“The Reality of Romance” Fall 2005
“This is a Demo” Fall 2006
“From The Other End of the Terminal” Online Release ( - downloadable)

Set List

Our sets are about 30 minutes long. We can play longer.