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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"So many to name..."

Press Reviews....

Ozone mag, June 2005, August 06, and seen in ozone countless times.

Hood Magazine August 06

Ryze Mag Sept 06 COVER

Tampa Bay Times, COVER June 2006

Murder Dog mentioned By Charlie Braxton as one of the best hidden secret artists in the south. mentioned by Julia Beverly of Ozone Mag has having a Huge Buzz in the south.

Attached in the photo gallery is several jpegs of the actual editorials...

Yahoo search will show over 1200 pages of info on Acafool!
- Alot


""Hell No!"" Got played all over underground, mixtape, clubs and even got over 150bds spins on 12 different stations.

Hatablockas- National indy single, over 3400 spins to date, on 45 plus stations... mentioned on BET,, and known as the hottest indy record in the land, and sparked a major label bidding war..

Acafool "self Titled' droping October 3rd


Feeling a bit camera shy


To say that Acafool (pronounced (Ak-a-Fool) marches to the beat of a different drummer would be an understatement. In this day and age of "cookie cutter" thugs and fake playas, Acafool is his own creation, defying both description and logic. Nothing about Acafool is phony; truth is, in "swamp" terms, he's "been cutting a damn fool" his entire life. Good thing that in addition to being the consummate clown, he has recently come to the realization that he can make wild, engaging, crazy, and fun records, and make a living doing it.

Acafool’s “buzz” has stretched across the land-- it even landed him on the front page of the Tampa Bay Times!!!. His music has taken up permanent residence on local underground radio-stations, and on main stream radio stations across the land. Though not even officially released, "Hatablockas!" has garnered air play across the land on over 30 power house stations; such as, WLLD-FM (Tampa) WPOW-FM (Miami) WKHT-FM (Knoxville) KUUU-FM (Salt Lake City), WRVZ-FM (Charleston, WV) and WPYO-FM (Orlando), WBHM-FM (Birmingham, AL) just to name a few.

From The Bottom to The Panhandle, Acafool is rapidly generating interest for his daring, innovative, and fresh perspective of hip-hop music, via an invigorating live show. To see him is to love him; whether sporting tightly woven cornrows or a Buckwheat natural, Acafool can't be anyone but himself. This real, genuine quality he possesses has endeared him to a strong and diverse fan base.

Let's face it, trying to pigeonhole Acafool is like trying to contain Michael Vick when he scoots outside the pocket.

Acafool comes by his talents naturally; his mother and eight (yes, eight!) sisters were always singing in the church, which was the root of his musical influence, as well as the beginnings of his sense of humor. (He had to have a sense of humor, what with nine women in the house). While studying for a degree in psychology at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida, Acafool took courses in studio recording and music production. His charisma and persistence landed him an internship at Pure Tone Productions Inc., where he made a name for himself as a hip-hop producer with an outrageous and unique style.

On this, his highly anticipated self-titled debut LP on First String, Inc., Acafool a/k/a "Fool" a/k/a Ashy Ankles uses his life experiences as the inspiration for one of the most impressive and triumphant artistic statements that hip-hop music has ever witnessed. Acafool's LP is a testament to originality and creativity, an astounding effort whose sensibilities runs the gamut from insightful and inspirational to being infectious, comedic and just plain clever.

Acafool takes us on a musical journey that knows no boundaries, and eagerly pushes the parameters of hip-hop, soul and R&B. If, as someone once said, "music has the power to enlighten, entertain, educate, and elevate; music can liberate and celebrate humanity, so music rules the world", then look out world, 'cause liberation is at hand, and there's a new sheriff in town! Instead of all the wars, crime, suffering, stress and strife, wouldn't it be great if, from time to time, we could all just ACAFOOL...