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A Capricious Youth....

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This band has not uploaded any videos


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"A Capricious Youth....@ Salt Lounge"

A Capricious Youth@ Salt Lounge
By Ty Snaden

On a downtrodden Friday night four quiet faces sat with thought-filled expressions ‘round pints and words of contempt against the mainstream grumble oozing from the main floor speakers. An hour or so had past when finally Charles, Dan, Sly and Chris stole the Salt Lounge stage from the post-grunge garage rock that was holding ears hostage for the hours before. The listless crowd at first gave no slack to the revolutionizing sound that was pouring off the stage, but as A Capricious Youth played on, the patrons of that lonely Friday night were swallowed by the unforgiving grasp of every note plucked. The floor then swarmed with the wanting ears, grasping every sound, every movement that encapsulated the dim room. Conversations from the bar slowly faded into the distance, forgotten along with the empty bottles and abandoned tables.

The stage shook as the four on stage let out everything, every thought, emotion, and worry, into their strings and skins, their faces deep in concentration, almost a meditative state. A Capricious Youth opened an entire crowd into a trance like, artistic awareness, ending it with only the sound of the cries for more echoing the once again lonely night.

Ty LondonINDIE: The London scene has been notoriously flooded with generic Emo/Screamo style bands that seem to have some deep seeded assimilation complex. As an experimental band have you found it difficult developing a fan base due to this?

CharlesACY: The London scene is, without knowing, a gem in the rough. There’s room for all types of music and more than enough venues to accommodate all the bands in the area. With the growing attention being brought to the Salt Lounge and Under Ground head ways accomplished by Action Reaction Studio, there's been a warm reception to our style of music. We would also like to point out that it's all about the music no matter the genre. There will always be people who don't like your music. We're cool with that.

Ty LondonINDIE: What influences musically and personally are accredited to the sound of ACY?

CharlesACY: We vary from Hard core to Math Rock to Hip Hop to Blind Melon to Jaco Pastorius to Phish. We all come from different backgrounds of music appreciation. We can all agree to the following whole heartedly: Dredg, At the Drive In (and all related projects), Alien Ant Farm, Deftones, GlassJAw, Chaos for Comfort and Ekatree (Family Tree Promotions).

Ty LondonINDIE: Do you prefer writing as a whole or working on a more individual level?

CharlesACY: The music writing process varies with every song. We can only say that it starts with a rhythm and the songs write themselves from there. It's definitely a communal writing process.

We all respect each other’s musical vision to have faith in each other’s ability to make the songs proper and “Capricious.”

Ty LondonINDIE: So, your previous EP is posted on ACY’s Myspace profile but, when can we expect more?

CharlesACY: We're currently working on a full length at Easter Island Studio in Sudbury. It will be entitled vices, vices & vices…

If all goes according to plan, it will be available for sale (along with all other band stuff) from the trunk of Dan's car by the end of the summer.

By Ty Snaden
- www.londonindie.com


Starting The Show (2004) - 3 Song Demo

Vices Demo (2005) - 2 Song Demo

Vices, Vices, Vices (2005) - Full Length Album containing the following tracks:

1. Delirium Tremens
2. 4 Count
3. Liar, Liar
4. Everyone but Me
5. Long Malaise
6. Around the Bend
7. Procrastinator
8. I Told You So....
9. Until Later (Idle is the Word of The Day)


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