Our music is a blend of electronic elements and progressive rock structure. Harmony, dance accents and a good beat meet in beautiful collision with piano driven rock. Listen to us while you're driving down the highway, or alone in your bedroom. It all works.


The band started out simple; just an eight year old kid with an old upright piano astounding passersby with melodies being made up on the fly. As the years passed, the upright piano turned into a music workstation with loops and new sounds, and others took notice of the kid and wanted to join in the project. What we have now is an amalgam of genres, sounds, tempos and harmony coming together to astound not only curious adults, but all the people of the world.


Shapes and Colors-EP, Clover-Single, Studio album in progress set for release summer 2009.

Set List

Our typical set list includes six or seven songs depending on the audience. We do covers, but only for friends, immediate family members, and select enemies.