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The best kept secret in music


"The View Magazine, Hamilton"

With their debut album set for release at the end of this
month, Accentus has been hard at work constructing
their first baby with producer Carl Jennings but still find
time to offer their musical skills to a good cause this
“We were asked by the organizers to play at the event,”
says guitarist vocalist Todd Guindon of Accentus’
inclusion in the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life
fundraiser. “One of the organizers’ children is taking
drum lessons from our drummer. I have had members of
my family pass away from cancer, some close ones. All of
the other guys in the band have known or know someone
with the disease.
“We’re adding our music to the event to give people a bit
of a teaser of the album,” he adds. “We have a good
opportunity to get the word out about our album while
helping out an extremely worthy cause.”
Guindon, Chris Mitchell (bass, vocals), James Cheetham
(guitars) and Tim Connolly (drums) have been together
for the last two years, but are finding that the band is
progressing to the next level.
“We’ve worked really hard on making this a
professional–sounding and professional–looking
independent release,” the singer offers. “In addition to the
full album we’ll have a three–song single that will go to
radio stations for promotion. The music on our debut
ranges from straight ahead rock ’n’ roll to a more
contemporary alt–rock sound. Our songs are primarily
guitar–driven and have a lot of harmonies. Most of the
songs have a funk/blues underpinning that form the
bases for each track. I feel this has given us a somewhat
distinct sound that is our own.
Accentus performs this Friday, June 6 from 9pm–12am
- Ric Taylor-writer

"Burlington Post"

Kathryn Dunmore, Backbeat
Sep 19, 2003

In Latin, 'accentus' means sound.
But locally it means an up and coming, determined band, whose style circles rock but also pulls in a variety of other sounds.

Accentus consists of Todd Guindon as singer, songwriter and guitarist, Chris Mitchell as singer, songwriter and bass guitarist, James Cheetham as rhythm guitarist and songwriter, and Tim Connelly as drummer.

Accentus formed a couple of years ago when Guindon and Mitchell decided to put their jams and songwriting abilities to the test by performing live.

They quickly gathered a band together and took to the streets, performing in Hamilton, Burlington and Toronto.

"It has basically been a progression from there to the current lineup," said Guindon. "We're building on what we've learned and are learning. We're becoming better songwriters as well."

Now the band is ready to release a debut, self-titled full-length album after months of recording and preparation.

"One thing about the album that has been interesting is that every song on the album has been identified as a favourite in our feedback," noted Guindon. "That's weird because we figure there's usually a couple of songs that stand out but we've had all 12 commented on. It's pretty cool for us and in that respect reaches a lot of people."

The CD release party takes place Oct. 11 at the Underground in Hamilton and will showcase the diverse song list.

"This album is diverse and can be listened to from beginning to end," said Guindon. "There's rock, funk, blues and some pop sensibility. The diversity has drawn the strongest feedback we've had in regards to its uniqueness. However, it still sounds like one band's style. It sounds like Accentus."

Recording of the album started back in February at Westmoreland Studios in Burlington.

"When we first started recording, we just wanted a full-length album to sell to friends," explained Guindon. "But after working with (producer) Carl (Jennings) and seeing how the songs were coming out, it completely blew up. It escalated to a Web site, merchandise and promotional items.

"We did everything right from the start and didn't cut any corners. We knew people would be able to tell if we did it half-hearted, so we went all the way with it."

Tomorrow (Saturday), Accentus is holding a CD release party for under-aged fans at Revolution Music in Oakville.

Connelly is also a drum teacher and the band wanted to reach the people who wouldn't be able to attend the official release party because of their age.

Guindon said a tour is in the early stages of planning.

"I'm thinking about a quick tour out east to perform at the different venues which host original music."

Although that's estimated for around November, band members are diligently working on getting the group's name and sound out to independent record labels.

"We want a record deal," stated Guindon of the band's future goals. "We want to get enough of a deal that will allow us to focus on our music 100 per cent instead of having to have our day jobs. We'd like enough financial backing to make another album."

The band's Web site is
- Kathryn Dunmore

"The View Magazine, Hamilton"

Capturing the spirit of a new breed of artists who could
best be benefited by a new music festival like HMS03,
Accentus celebrate a new stage of their young career by
being part of the festival.

"We’re pretty realistic about things and what to expect,”
singer/guitarist Todd Guindon asserts. “We all have a
good work ethic, are open to criticism and do what’s best
for the band. Everyone has their own creative aspects,
which makes us more diverse and the music more

Guindon, with guitarist James Cheetham,
singer/songwriter/bassist Chris Mitchell and drummer
Tim Connolly have fashioned a slick and diverse record
with broad appeal and red–blooded riffs.

“The way the music turns out is obviously a result of our
make–up and the way we bring together different
individual styles,” Guindon explains. “Each member
brings his own sound to the band. Tim brings a funk
background, Chris incorporates a Top 40/pop feel, James
throws in a raw edge with straight ahead rock while I
bring in a mixture of blues and rock.”

“Initially our goal was to simply take a crack at recording
a full length record, print a bunch and sell them to
friends. After we started working on the album, our
producer Carl Jennings and the rest of the band were
really happy about how the songs were working out.
Everything just evolved to the point it’s at now. Now we
have some loftier goals for us and our music.”

Accentus celebrate the release of their debut CD at The
Underground as part of HMS03. - Ric Taylor

"The Satellite Newspaper"

Feature Article
“Check ‘Em Out”
The Satellite Newspaper
Volume 38, Issue 10
November 18th, 2003
Catherine Weddum, Entertainment Editor
Mohawk College


Westmoreland Recording

“Accentus is another one of the pleasant discoveries that came across my desk. Reading the background, and composing the profile, I wasn’t entirely sure what the album was going to sound like. Combining funk, jazz, rock and blues, I didn’t know what to expect. I popped the CD into my player, and there it was, this sweet, not too hard, not too soft rock sound streaming out of my speakers! Another band added to my list of “who to watch out for”—Accentus!
If I had to compare then to some “mainstream” artists, Duncan Sheik, Lifehouse, and Nickelback come to mind, but to be fair, Accentus really does have their own flavour.
Accentus’ lyrics are yet another aspect that sucked me in. With singers Todd Guindon and Chris Mitchell writing all of the songs but one (by guitarist James Cheetham), Accentus really knows how to hit home, singing classic “blues” lyrics, mostly about the “human condition” and relationships with people that are close. There’s at least one song on that album that everyone can relate to.
Accentus’ debut release has some catchiness to it, which makes it easy to listen to, but not so much so to make it a pop album. The best use for this is to stick it in your stereo and blare it loud when you need to think about stuff. There is actually a warning in the liner notes, “WARNING: This CD should be played LOUD!” And I highly recommend that.
If you are looking for a solid rock album, not the pop-rock, rap-rock, or other mixtures mass-produced these days, pick up Accentus. You won’t be disappointed.”
- Catherine Weddum, Entertainment Editor


Interview with Martin Streek Edge 102.1 (October 30 2003)
Radio Play- C101.5FM, 93.3FM (Hamilton)
Debut Full Length Release- October 2003
Profiles: New Music Canada website, Soundclick website.
Demo release (6 songs)- Spring 2000


Feeling a bit camera shy


“ They are blending rock and funk roots together and creating a music perfectly suited to crank up at parties,” said Carl Jennings, producer of Accentus’ debut full-length CD."

While Accentus means ‘sound’, a better word to describe the Hamilton rock band as of late would be metamorphosis. Scaling down from a four piece to a three piece, the band has been slightly re-defined itself as a rock trio. While the previous line-up may have been considered somewhat ‘pop-rock’; Todd Guindon on guitars and vocals, Chris Mitchell on bass and vocals and Lars Peterson on drums make up this exciting new rock machine!

Mitchell and Guindon have been creating music together for well over 6 years now and with the addition of Peterson on drums, the three now have a band they believe in and have always desired. Now, their style of rock ‘n’ roll with enthralling harmonies, Peterson and Mitchell’s high-powered, solid rhythm section and Guindon’s gripping, soaring guitar work, can be heard at many of the top venue’s in Southern Ontario.

Their blend of a classic rock mentality, catchy melodies, ‘Beatle-esque’ vocals and heavy hitting rhythms all come from a desire to play music that is at it’s best when experienced live. Citing influences such as The Police, Mars Volta, Led Zeppelin, and early REM, Accentus strives to deliver honest, passionate, hard working rock ‘n’ roll and a performance that audiences will remember.