Honest, ass kicking ROCK!! Todd Guindon C/O Accentus Dundurn PO P.O. Box 33607 50 Dundurn St. South Hamilton, ON L8P 4X4


“ They are blending rock and funk roots together and creating a music perfectly suited to crank up at parties,” said Carl Jennings, producer of Accentus’ debut full-length CD."

While Accentus means ‘sound’, a better word to describe the Hamilton rock band as of late would be metamorphosis. Scaling down from a four piece to a three piece, the band has been slightly re-defined itself as a rock trio. While the previous line-up may have been considered somewhat ‘pop-rock’; Todd Guindon on guitars and vocals, Chris Mitchell on bass and vocals and Lars Peterson on drums make up this exciting new rock machine!

Mitchell and Guindon have been creating music together for well over 6 years now and with the addition of Peterson on drums, the three now have a band they believe in and have always desired. Now, their style of rock ‘n’ roll with enthralling harmonies, Peterson and Mitchell’s high-powered, solid rhythm section and Guindon’s gripping, soaring guitar work, can be heard at many of the top venue’s in Southern Ontario.

Their blend of a classic rock mentality, catchy melodies, ‘Beatle-esque’ vocals and heavy hitting rhythms all come from a desire to play music that is at it’s best when experienced live. Citing influences such as The Police, Mars Volta, Led Zeppelin, and early REM, Accentus strives to deliver honest, passionate, hard working rock ‘n’ roll and a performance that audiences will remember.


Interview with Martin Streek Edge 102.1 (October 30 2003)
Radio Play- C101.5FM, 93.3FM (Hamilton)
Debut Full Length Release- October 2003
Profiles: New Music Canada website, Soundclick website.
Demo release (6 songs)- Spring 2000

Set List

1. Faithful
2. Say You're Sorry
3. Critical
4. Nasty
5. Mistaken
6. Force
7. Understand
8. Wasted
9. Killing Time
10. Wait and See
11. Enigmatic
12. Who Will Pay For