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Access Immortal

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Brooklyn bred hip-hop artist known for his smooth flow, deep lyrical content and versatility and his classic underground album "Shades of Reality".


If you haven't heard of Access Immortal by now, you are seriously missing out! He has been featured on numerous projects with Def Jukie Karniege [12 inch single "Make News" (2004) and the 12 inch single “Blazing Heat (2006)]. He has performed and collaborated with well-known independent hip-hop artists like Aesop Rock, El-P, Skyzoo, Vast Aire, Reef the Lost Cauze, Breez Evahflowin and L.I.F.E. Long! He's been compared to some of the greats in Hip-Hop, but says that he wants to maintain his own identity.

He developed a love for Hip-Hop in the early 90s and was influenced by Mobb Deep, Nas, Talib Kweli, Big Daddy Kane and others! He sharpened his lyrical skills on the streets of Bed Stuy, NY - the same streets that gave birth to greats such as Biggie Smalls and Jay-Z!

Access first introduced himself to the underground world of Hip-Hop in 2001 by regularly performing at an open mic at EOW (End of the Week) in Manhattan. Between 2001 and 2004, his local buzz grew. With stellar performances at CBGBs, SOBs, the Pyramid, Nightingales, and various venues throughout New York, Philly and DC, this rapper has left a trail of dazed fans anxious for another taste of his refreshingly original talent.

In April 2005, Early Spotter Records signed Access Immortal and agreed to promote and distribute his debut album, "Shades of Reality". Shades of Reality is a classic in every sense of the word with that vintage Hip-Hop sound, banging beats, Access' BK swagger and laid back flow. His flow is perfected and his content is powerful, touching on all topics from politics to the struggles of everyday life. Tom Doggett of Rap Reviews wrote, "Shades of Reality is a very solid record, especially for a debut".

In the winter of 2005, Access completed another independent mixtape entitled, "New York Yankee". This project differs from "Shades of Reality" in several ways. His versatility is still there, but he introduces a more gritty and dominant emcee then the one heard on previous projects. On Welcome to the Hood", the first track on the CD, he says "I had to get gutter for real cause yall trippin..." Tired of being mister nice guy, Acc showed his gritty versatility on this project!

In 2007 Access Immortal signed with Introspect Records, a Philly-based independent label providing distribution and promotion for "American Me". Access' sophomore album is finally here! It is bringing his story, his music and his passion to the world and giving a watered down Hip-Hop community exactly what they have been waiting for: raw talent.


Oktober "To Rob Is Something Like Work" (Brain Writes Bang, Don't Apologize feat Young Sin)

Oktober "Madvandal" (Raid In Full)

Oktober "Suspekt Zero" (The Reign, Crazy 8's feat Karniege, Young Sin, Loer Velocity & Poison Pen, Force of The Rush feat Loer Velocity, Corners feat Science & Young Sin, Can't Say Nothin' feat L-Dash & Young Sin)

Karniege "First Installment" (The Fellowship feat Science & Substantial)

Karniege "Can I Kick It Vol 1" (Brooklyn Bitch aka Home of The Brave Pt 2 feat Poison Pen & Young Sin, Game Time feat Lyrics & Young Sin, Lab Work)

Karniege "Make News 12" (Bazooka, Chameleon, Robot feat Aesop Rock & El-P)

DJ Primetime "The Formula Vol .1 (Born In The Ghetto)

DJ Primetime "The Formula Vol. 4 (Watch Ya Step feat L.I.F.E. Long)

Blazing Heat 12" (New York)

Medinah Starr "The Renaissance:The Rebirth of Hip Hop Vol .1" (9 Out of 10, The Pain)

Original Mindstate Music "Thought Forms" (Champion, Mind Games, The Fellowship feat Science, Substantial & Karniege, Gametime feat Lyrics, Young Sin & Karniege, Road To Riches"

Lyrics "Master of The M.I.C. Vol .1" (ACS Freestyle, Supreme Rap Flow pt .1 feat J-Lover, TidalFriction, Fresh Daily & Karniege)

Shed Light "Perseverence" (Nice Knowin Ya)

DJ Ophax "Welcome in Tha Game 16" (WutuWant Freestyle feat Karniege)

Medinah Starr "Knock Em Out the Box" debut album, Beyond Reazon.

Set List

Usually performs 3 to 4 songs which totals about 20 minutes. Currently, Access Immortal performs his famous song "Residential Evil" from his debut album Shades of Reality, "American Me", the title track from his sophomore release, "Champion" from his debut and "Funky Rhythm" from his sophomore album.

He always encourages crowd participation!