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"Accidental Angels Review"

Accidental Angels

Organic, high-energy commercial rock!
Big build ups, anthemic choruses and electrifying stag antics makes Accidental Angels a band you can't ignore.

Accidental Angels consist of JD - Lead vocals, Guitar, song-writer, Chris - Guitars, Ronnie - Bass Guitar and Marco - Drums.

UK Rock Band Accidental Angels offer up an informative and well presented website with a good amount of information on each member, upcoming gigs and of course their latest release. Accidental Angels are also off to a heavenly flying start with regard to their upcoming music career and boast having played in front of audiences of over 800 at venues such as The Garage, Islington, Sound, Leicester Sq, The Barfly, Camden, Underworld, Camden, Carling Bar Academy, Islington among many others. Wow, busy fellas!

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Tracks: This Song, Crazy Life, Lullaby.

INL Comments: . Today Indie News Live pump AA on their powerful monitors awakening the slumberful and depressed Monday Morning commuters in the street! Arousing curiosity we are proudly presenting a band that shows some excellent potential and charm, kicking supreme life and soul through airwaves across southern Spain!

Having a listened to the few snippets of tracks on AA's website, I immediately caught a blast of their full blown energy pumped into the very core of this band. Quite audibly masterful in their playing skills you'll quickly notice how catchy their tracks become and how well the songs have been recorded. With an upbeat college campus rhythm reminiscent of Busted (plus I note some ever so slight innovative vocal melodies of the infamous beach boys) all blend together to produce a modern catalytic sound of pure and clean industrious Rock And Roll.

Whilst being quite fond of good Rock I am particularly taken to this band's style of delivery. AA sound focused through their songs and undoubtedly are unique in their delivery and production. Head rocking, definately. Guitar smashing - not quite. Therefore I believe AA are a fantastic blend of soft and hard. 'Lullaby' delivers a beautiful melody accompanied by earnest and strong vocals. 'Crazy Life' is perfect soundtrack material. 'This Song' is raunchy, rhythmic rocky and tight!

Overall Rating: AA will grow on you quickly. It won't be an accident when these angels are flying ahead of many other mediocre bands. Top quality stuff here!

Zip over to for the experience.

- Contributed by Indie News Live Reporter

"Xfm Rock Idol Review Accidental Angels"

Contributed by RI Editor (Joney) Editor of Xfm Rock-Idols
1st November 2005

RI Comments:
This is the first band I have been bullied into reviewing but they have a female manager and I couldn’t really refuse. Apparently they like my reviews??? I have no idea why, I’m a witless scouser in desperate need of a dictionary.

Anyway, about the music. Well within about 10 seconds I had decided that Accidental Angels were in fact pure cheese with added fromage. No wonder they wanted me to review them, they obviously knew I’d love them.

Accidental Angels are most definitely American pie rock, suitable for anyone who likes songs in the key of C major with beefcake American vocals over the top. Hardcore Jock Rock with a feel good factor off the scale. Arghhh, its so bad but I love it. I wish the English music press would just admit that the greatest musician since Axl Rose went weird is Andrew WK. Lets face it, this crap rules. I’m trying so hard to be a musical snob and get myself a column in the NME but bands like this just keep dragging me down.

Some of you will hate this band but for all those who still remember that music is about making you smile check these guys out, they got like 7 songs or something uploaded. In fact I’m going to put them on at London School of Economics on December 1st – Xfm Rock Idol Competition.

PS the production is awful on these tracks, they could be made infinitely better with some awfully cheesy studio effects to make them sound bigger but I’m sure they will offer a live treat!

Zip over to for the experience
- Joney -Editor of Xfm Rock Idols


"Accidental Angels" Triple A side ( 2006)

- Porcelain Telephone
- Somethings going on
- 1993


Feeling a bit camera shy


Organic, high-energy pop/punk rock!

Big build ups, anthemic choruses and electrifying stage antics makes Accidental Angels a band you can’t ignore.

Accidental Angels are a Commercial Rock four piece hailing from South London.  The band have been together since October 2004, playing the London circuit with their own brand of aesthetic rock.  

Their introspective assessment of the world and cool rock swagger emerges not only through their music, but it's their powerful and energetic stage
performance that makes Accidental Angels undeniably electrifying!

The groups' songwriter James Daley interprets; triumph, tragedy,redemption and disillusionment through his lyrics and melody with gritty,hard-driving conviction, which has become the bands signature sound.

James- the front man aka ‘Stadium James’ knows how to work a crowd into a frenzy

Chris - the quirky, beanie-wearing guitarist, never caught without a ciggy hanging from the corner of his mouth

Ronnie (on bass) The nutter from Calcutta! "Will sleep when I'm dead"!

Marco (Drums) - The Italian dynamo! Wild, crazy and innovative

Accidental Angels:

Played in front of audiences of over 800 at venues such as Sound, Leicester Sq, The Barfly, Camden, Underworld, Camden, The Garage among many others.

Dedicated, ever-growing following of over 100 people

Album sales are increasing at every live event