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Accidental Charm

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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All Over the Map - 2000 (available at CD Street)
Behind the Glass - 2003 (available at CD Baby)

Tracks can be heard at http//


Feeling a bit camera shy


Tom Godsman (guitar,vocals) - Besides being the lead guitarist, Tom is our resident musical arranger in the group. So, if at one of our gigs, he needs to make a chord change, get out of his way. His vocal range was once thought to be connected to the barometric pressure, but that has since proven to be false. It's how high you think he can go - so here's the deal. If we're doing a song from the 70's with a lot of high harmonies - just stand up, would it kill you? His beer of choice is Sam Adams, but if that's not in stock, he'll just take... - hold it.......he said he doesn't want anything now.

Rob Isele - His taste in music has been called everything from eclectic to horrible, but he would like to think it's all been a misunderstanding. Actually, Rob's philosophy is this - music is a great big stew, and most of the meat and potatoes come from the 60's and 70's. As you move on in time, you want to apply newer sounds as you would a strong, possibly pungent spice. Rob is also the screamer of the group - not only by choice, but the greatest feigned ability. He serves as a perfect example of a non-tenor bravely going down that road they call "Tenor".

Rob's Latest fav soft song - Norah Jones - "Don't Know Why"
Rob's Latest fav loud song - The Hives - "Hate to Tell You So"

Jack Albert - When you see us play, Jack, besides playing a mean rhythm guitar, will be the one announcing the songs, the band, etc. And as soon as you hear his unique introductions, you may ask, "Why?" Well, give it a chance - you may learn more than you wanted to, but you will leave that gig a smarter person. He definitely likes to rock out. Does that mean he doesn't write ballads? Yes. Another thing you may see at the gig is his sudden Elvis impression - but if Elvis isn't your thing, note that it will end as soon as Rob thinks he's Jim Morrison.

Brad Davis (drums, vocals) - The newest member of our group, Brad comes to us from the Mode - which also included Tom. Never heard of the Mode? - ok, well how about Elton John? - you've heard of him - congratulations, now read on to learn more about Brad. He can really pound the skins and sings like a bird (we're off of Elton now, that was about Brad). Since Brad teaches drums, he's built up the endurance it takes to get through an AC 90 minute marathon practice.