Rock n' Roll like it should be. With Balls, chops and a bad attitude. No shit.


Birthed to a 2 headed Dragon in the summer of 2002, Ac Cobra are the antitheses of pretentious rock outfits that seems to be plaguing this ball of gas we inhabit.
The four of us hail from different areas of this fine country, but we all landed in the southern tip of the Sunshine State.
We’re a Rock n’ Roll band the likes of which have been on the endangered species list for years. More interested in inciting riots at our shows, then watching people take in their footwear. Our goal is to erupt on every stage in the world , and to take our loyal friends and subjects to the brink of madness with the Evil Powers of Rock n’ Roll. There is truly nothing like the chaos we have a tendency to subject people to, but don’t take our word for it. Check us out for yourself.
People seem to equate our music with bands such as Guns and Roses, Motley Crue, AC/DC, Refused and Black Flag. These are all fair comparisons, and we feel lucky to be mentioned along side such monsters of musical mayhem. However, we are Ac Cobra, there’s no one like us, and their never will be.
We’ve played a metric ton of shows in this great country of ours, and have plans only on expanding the fervor that is Ac Cobra. In our travels (or theirs) we’ve met some amazing like minded bands such as the Bronx, the Vagiants, Viva La American Death Ray Music, Fleshies, Black Lips, My Chemical Romance and the Tyrades.
In closing, if you made it this far in our bio, thanks for sticking around. We would be happy to share a beer, smoke a lucky and shoot the shit if you’re available. We always find the room in the schedule for a good time. And remember we love you , so please, love us ,love is what we are all about....

An outside opinion.

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by: Deedee
Closer Magazine

With crunchy guitar riffs, pounding drum beats, and high-pitched growls, they assault the senses. Rudely announcing their presence like some boisterous drunk in a bar, AC Cobra takes command of the stage; they push their audience headfirst into a chaotic blend of angst and alcohol-soaked reveries, eliminating any trace of pretension.
AC Cobra, known for its high-energy, volatile performances, offers more on stage than your usual local act.
Gathering metal, punk, and thrash influences, the band exudes a slightly violent, yet fun recklessness. AC Cobra’s performances reek of adrenaline-filled hedonism; they worship the dirtiest and rawest element of rock and roll.
The band smashes inhibitions and demands not only the audience’s attention, but also its participation. “Lead screamer” Tim Moffatt leans on and suddenly grabs audience members, making sure their bodies exchange not only sweat, but also an intoxicating energy. Limply throwing his body across the stage and sometimes onto spectators, he howls wildly, ironically finding his power and appeal in his near indecipherability.
With influences such as Black Flag, Motley Crue, Foreigner, and of course AC/DC, the band understands the importance of matching the power of their music with the power of their performances.
"Everything will get broken at an AC Cobra show,” said drummer Chris Maggio. “I go apeshit. I punch the drums and head butt the cymbals… Because rock and roll is a contact sport; you're at war with your instruments.”
Perfectly capped in the hard-hitting songs “Jezebel” and “Thunderpants,” AC Cobra’s charm and unbridled aggression force its listeners to soak in the music’s message – to ass-shake, party, scream, and fist-pump – to truly “let loose” and have fun.
“We like to call what we play rock and roll,” said Moffatt, "and rock and roll is just about being young, stupid, and sometimes drunken."


2003-sex in your pants (two song live cd single) independent release
2003-dangerous love e.p. (independent release)
2004-so fla records various artists compilation

Set List

our set is about thirty minutes long including one or two covers and 10 originals.

1. B.F.O.T
2.20th century boy (cover)
4.Intro/Good Evenin'
5.Sandwiches not sex
6.the Lone Star Stud
7.# one
8.Pound of Fesh
9.Police Story (cover)
10.Let the Games Begin
11.Get bent