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With a universal appeal from underground to commercial, promoting the message of love & hope through real-life testimonies and experiences to the world is their goal. These guys bring Hip Hop to a higher level... You're gonna Love em!


Ace Dynasty is more than a cutting edge Hip Hop group. They’re dedicated to answering the call on their lives, while going against the grain of traditional HipHop/Rap music today. Their untainted Love & message is the very thing these young men are ready to stand & die for to make a possitive change in the world. Now the meaning of “Ace Dynasty” is a deep concept with clear understanding. Look, “Ace” means “1st”, the word “Dynasty” means “a Succession or bloodline of Kings or rulers”. In the Holy Bible, the 1st bloodline of kings was the royal line of King David. Because God was so pleased with King David’s heart, he promised him that the messiah, translated in Greek as “the Christ”, would come to the world through his direct descendant. God said that the Christ would then rule forever. That’s why the bible often refers to Christ as “the son of David”.
King David’s bloodline ruled Israel for over 1,000 years, from 1010 B.C to 33 A.D. Here we are almost 2,000 years later as “Ace Dynasty”; they’re the Kings that God has chosen to bring Christ into our world of materialism, guns, sex, hate, & Hip Hop. These young men are aggressively taking their rightful place in this generation in bringing Christ (Love) to the forefront.
From the Streets to the Penitentiary, AD’s shinning their lights upon this dark world, pressing thru all obstacles while keeping the faith & fighting the fight, till the very end. So there it is, your basic summary of this powerful movement, “Ace Dynasty”. Let their music inspire you & uplift you, & shed light on dark situations in your reality. Everything’s from the heart, full truth, full proof, holding nothing back. You might get offended by their approach, but AD’s doing a new thing. Aaaaa, Deeee!!
These talented young men have been writing, performing, & producing for many years now. With a bangin, “in your grill sound”, and an innovative theory to composing lyrics, Ace Dynasty is no doubt set apart from any other group/crew, hands down!! Decide for yourselves what you think, but expect great things to come out of the Dynasty. Continue to keep AD in prayers and support their cause of spreading The gospel around the globe.
Starting off with the number of completion with 7 members, AD’s expansion is the key to accomplishing their mission, recruiting Saints for the body. No shame, no suckas, just providing the real to the masses and making an impact on the world, ready for persecution.
And also, AD would like to give big ups & love to Robert (Popz) Wilson, Ryan (Wheeelz) Neilson, & Shannon Spates Wood, you guys are truly missed….


You Never Know (Holy Hip Hop Vol 3 selectee)

Written By: Ace Dynasty

Ace Dynasty- You Never Know
Written by: Ace Dynasty
Produced by: Illoquint

NOTE: This is the song we would be submitting but were asked to remove it from our Sonicbids EPK because of it's selection on the Holy Hip Hop Vol3 Compilation. We do not want to risk anything by putting the song on the press kit since we were asked to remove it from our Sonicbids EPK.



The Rhythm and Wisdom System, LP, 2000
Premeditated Worda, LP, 2003
Front Street, LP, 2004

Urban Bush Camp- Final Warning- LP 2000
Seattle Rain (the dirty version)- LP 2004

Soul Servant- LP (Coming in August of 2005)

Coming Very Soon!!!

Reingcraft Compilation Vol 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5- 2003- 05
K-Lee- Tha 1st Chapter- disc 1- 2003
Mr. Del presents Holy South Worldwide- 2004

Set List

1. CHURCH: Word of Life Church (Lynnwood, WA)
The Potters House (Dallas, TX)

2. Pastors: Greg & Renee Wood
Bishop T.D Jakes

3.Ministerial Statement: To take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this dying world and to bring Life, Hope, & Love to this lost generation. Ace Dynasty's overall mission is to plant a seed & water it untill the fruit is rype. We are Sheep in Wolves clothing, bringing the Gospel to Clubs, Block Partys, High Schools, Churches, & Juvenile Detentions. With several members in the group, all play a distinct and vital role in the Body of Christ as their testimonys touch on a wide variety of topics. These young men of God are bold in the Lord as they present Jesus Christ to the world.

4. 425. 775. LIFE (Word of Life Church)