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Antione "Ace Free" Coleman was born and raised in New Orleans. Ace Free discovered his love for music during middle school and used it as a way to express himself. He increased his knowledge of music by learning to play many instruments. Because of this great musical development, Ace Free eventually became one of the first members of the TBC Brass Band. After Hurricane Katrina Ace Free ventured out to show the world his individual talents. He soon founded his company Ace Records & Productions with the goal to produce and manage other aspiring artist. Ace Free didn't stop there! He began performing with another well-known prominent brass band "The Stooges" which he currently still performs with. Lyrical genius Ace Free is known as one of the best with an amazing ability to write, produce, and develop his own unique songs. This true gentleman writes about his life experiences and struggles.

Ace Free is not only an entrepreneur as CEO of Ace Records and Productions but he is also a member of hip hop group "Formula 4". Formula 4 is one of the group's of "Team Free", the other is Hip Hop group "IMS" (Immortal Soldiers) which includes Speedy, Frankie Boii, and Baggy Eye Shad. Formula 4 is a combination of the following MC's: Ace Free, MC SexeyAce, Midnite, A Boogie, and Lady Liberty. Each member brings different style and ability to put their formulas together to make great music. This team of brilliant MC's expresses themselves through hard uptempo beats which has caught the attention of many fans. Ace Free's many accomplishments provides much proof that he is definitely without boundaries and for him sky is the limit


Back N The Days
All I Know
All We Know Is Muzic