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Ace of Spadez (formerly Devils Foot Road) is female-fronted, guitar-driven rock out of Arizona, as you remember it from the 70s to today. Hear rocking renditions from the likes of Ratt, Dokken, Ozzy, and all your favorite hard rock from the past! Ace of Spadez, rocking the assess off the masses!


Ace of Spadez began as Devils Foot Road in 2002, and has evolved into a cyclone of powerful female-fronted, guitar-driven to be reckoned with in the Valley. Named for the Motorhead great classic, Ace of Spadez rocks it old school!
With Kat on vocals, Joe on guitar, Scott on bass and an Bill on drums, Ace of Spadez takes command of the stage and "rocks the asses off the masses"!

Kat began her music experience in music theatre, evolving into a song writer and band performer. Kat has been the powerful front-woman for The Chuck Taylor All-Stars, and the former Devils Foot Road. Within the band, Kat has orchestrated GoGirls Music Fest charity concerts (2002-2005), gathering sponsors and raising contributions (as well as performing) for organizations such as MusiCares, Rock N' Roll Camp for Girls and Caring Bridge.

Joe began playing guitar as a youth in Hollywood, CA, in the height of the "Hair Metal" 80's. By age of 16, Joe was on tour, opening for bands such as Motley Crue, The Beastie Boys and Van Halen. Some of his prior projects include: Sharin Black, Devil's Playground, and Anchor (with White Zombie drummer Ivam de Prume). Joe is a classically trained guitarist from MI-GIT in CA, with concentrations not only with rock guitar, but classical and flamenco as well. As a studio musician, Joe has recorded for commercial score, and is featured as second guitar on the Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses recording of "Summer Breeze".

Bill - bio TBD
Scott - bio TBD

Don't miss Ace of Spadez at a local venue near you!

Tricore Battle of the Bands - July 30, 2003 @ Chasers Nighclub, Scottsdale, AZ
Chasers, Scottsdale, AZ
The Big Fish Pub, Tempe, AZ
The Clubhouse, Mesa, AZ
Minder Binders, Tempe, AZ

AZ Girls Nite Out Tour - Various dates 2003
GoGirls Music Fest, November 8, 2003 - Scottsdale, AZ.
GoGirls Music Fest, October 8, 2004 - Tempe, AZ.

Rock N' Roll Camp for Girls (Go Girls Music Fest 2004) – Scottsdale, AZ – Oct. , 2003
MusiCares (Go Girls Music Fest 2004) – Tempe, AZ – Oct. 8, 2004


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Written By: Kat Martin


Innocent little girl stands there
Milk white skin and golden hair
Looks at you love in her eyes
But little do you know she lies

(*Bridge Vocal)
And you know that she’s the devil
She says she loves you
And you were taught to believe
Takin’ it back and then it is you she will deceive
So many lies that girl will play the joker card
She’s gonna get to you man, you’re part of the façade

Blue-eyed devil screams inside
wants to let out all she hides
always in the virginal choir
blue-eyed devils she’s a liar


Doesn’t know between hate and love
Evil fits her like a glove
So pretty wearing her façade
Self-turmoil her jihad

(*Bridge Vocal)


(musical bridge and solo)

Doesn’t know between hate and love
Evil fits her like a glove
So pretty wearing her façade
Self-turmoil her jihad

(*Bridge Vocal)



Ace of Spadez independently records.

Set List

Capability: Small to Large sets. Originals, covers, or a mixture of both.
45 minutes to 4 hours (with breaks)

Chasing the Dragon
Castle of Hypocracy
You Lie

Bark At the Moon
Breaking All The Rules
I Don’t Know
Shot in the Dark
The Ultimate Sin – (Ozzy Osbourne covers)
The Hunter - Dokken
.45 – (Shinedown cover)
Them Bones
We Die Young
The Real Thing
Bleed the Freak
Man in the Box – (Alice In Chains covers)
Suicide Messiah
All For You – (Black Label Society covers)
Black Sunshine
Soul Crusher – (White Zombie covers)
Ride Like the Wind – (Christopher Cross cover)
Cryin’ in the Rain – (Whitesnake cover)
Follow You Home – (Nickelback cover)
The Price – (Twisted Sister cover)
Lay it Down
Back for More – (Ratt covers)
Too Young to Fall in Love
Hotter than Hell
Wild Side – (Motley Crue covers)
Sweet Emotion – (Aerosmith cover)
Rosanna – (Toto cover)
Edie – (The Cult cover)