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Only Forever

Written By: Sharon King

Love let me explain to you this feeling I have inside.
Of total peace and contentment the moment your by my side. Please let me tell you of this new life in me I found. How breathing depends on seeing your face, your sweet energy all around.
(Hey darling, how about you come on over here and sit a spell. Let me tell you just what I mean when I say...)
Love let me speak of how you affect me today. Feeling your breath across my skin when you whisper in my ear that way. Electric is the spark I feel, I feel when I see you. Just your presents is enough, and those cute little things you do.
I've only heard this in fairy tales of a love of that which seems, so full of grace and tenderness and passion of wilder dreams. Your love has swept my being and filled me in a way, that only forever is long enough, in your arms, I want to stay.
Guitar Solo:
Repeat Chorus