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"Aces Load'd Live!"

“Aces Load'd put on a blistering performance that showed the crowd that metal is still alive and kicking. Keep an eye out for their next performance in your area, this band is a not miss show.” Tom K. Metal X Radio - Tom k - Metal X Radio

"Aces Load'd Live!"

“Aces Load'd put on a blistering performance that showed the crowd that metal is still alive and kicking. Keep an eye out for their next performance in your area, this band is a not miss show.” Tom K. Metal X Radio - Tom k - Metal X Radio


Aces Load'd has one EP out, released March 31, 2012

The Dealer
1. War and Strategy
2. Darkness
3. Life's A Game
4. I Strike First
5. Where I've Been



Aces Load'd is proudly endorsed by Spear Guitar USA .
Aces Load’d came together with a single goal: To create a unique sound from a lost genre. It was in the heat of summer 2011 in Omaha, Nebraska that Todd Bonge and Oakley Gilbert would create what is known today as the thrash metal band Aces Load’d. Not wanting just another garage band, Todd and Oakley wanted members who were dedicated to the music, themselves, and to their fans. That search led to drummer Kory Mazur. Todd met Kory at an audition show and was impressed with the skill and sound that he produced. Hypnotized by his playing ability, Todd was impressed how Kory could draw people into his sound. Todd knew he would be perfect for his band and approached him. Kory accepted before Todd could even finish asking. Still, Todd and Oakley knew something was missing, something that would set them apart. The missing link was known as Josh Pusher. He brought his own unique sound, a sound that was his own created out of passion of trial and error. Pusher auditioned and was recruited immediately. Using influences like Pantera, Lamb of God, Slayer, and Trivium, they went to work focusing on writing original material and gigging heavily with their new found heavy hitting sound.
In early 2012, Aces Load’d recorded their EP album, The Dealer. This five song album portrayed their heavy guitar riffs, blazing solos, and unique vocal punches, making The Dealer no laughing matter. After their recording, they recruited bass player Andy Bones. He was able to pick up their sound almost instantly and began playing shows immediately. The face of metal has not been the same since. HORNS UP MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!\m/

TODD BONGE - VOCALS: is our resident Metal Historian and can keep up with the best. Todd has spent his entire life as a fan of music. Listening to mostly country in his youth, he found Slayer in high school and has loved metal ever since. After high school he decided to give vocals in a metal band a shot. Todd auditioned for a few bands and couldn’t find the right fit so he began to form Aces Load'd. With influences like Phil Anselmo, Todd has come up with an uncommon vocal styling that will send chills down your spine such as in Where I’ve Been and as you see the rest is Aces Load’d history.

OAKLEY (SHADES) GILBERT -GUITAR: after being born in California, Oakley eventually made his way to the mid-west. He started out as a bassist but ultimately moved to guitar. After long-time-friend Todd Bonge asked him to join his project, Shades joined Aces Load'd on guitar. Shades brings a metal-core/death metal influence into his playing. After spending time in the military Oakley decided to follow his love of music by playing guitar for Aces Load’d with his intense and technical riffs to blow your mind.

JOSH PUSHER - GUITAR: has played instruments since childhood, starting on piano then moving to saxophone and guitar. After studying music at University of Nebraska, Pusher decided to do music his way. Josh was invited to audition for Aces Load’d by Kory. Josh has a one of a kind sound in his guitar playing likened to metal with a touch of blues and soul added which will pull the best of them in to hear what he is playing.

KORY (The HAMMER) MAZUR -DRUMS: has loved music his whole life. After a close friend gave him Metallica’s Ride the Lightning album he knew he wanted to be a musician. He got his first drum set at 13 and since then has been inseperable. With influences like John Bohnam, Megadeth, and Wishbone Ash, Kory has come up with his own style of drumming. Blending classic rock with metal. Kory has added a unique drum sound to Aces Load’d that is sure to keep you captivated.

ANDY (BONES) HAMMOND - BASS: was added to Aces Load’d line up after a long search. Andy started out as a guitar player and decided with his reach he would be an amazing bass player. Andy now plays the bass like its been his instrument since birth. Bones has a very eclectic taste of music from Black Daliha to Mozart and you can see it in his playing. With heavy bass riffs in songs like I’m Fucking Crazy to unique lines in War and Strategy, he is sure to put that beat into you that makes you want to move and never stop. Andy adds that finishing touch to Aces Load’d.

We have played with many bands such as Hemlock, Feel Never Real, Krash Karma, SkinMask