Aces Over Kings

Aces Over Kings


Catchy, melodic pop-punk that will leave you feeling good and have you begging for more!


Aces Over Kings is a four piece pop-punk band from Seattle, Washington. Its members (Josh, James, Aaron, and Brian) have been together for approximately three years, releasing their first independent CD in early 2004 titled fight or flight, and a second CD in the fall of 2005 titled What Doesn’t Kill You… Their music is melodic, varying from fast punk rock to slower pop-punk, and is positive and upbeat with no profanity.

Aces Over Kings began playing shows around the Seattle area in May 2004 and had the opportunity to open for Amber Pacific in October of that year. In August of 2006 the band was honored to play alongside national acts Anberlin and MXPX at Freedom Fest 2006. In March of 2007 Aces Over Kings completed a 21 day national tour of the USA. Show highlights included playing at the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, the Zephyr in Reno, Lenny’s in Atlanta, Club Midway in New York, the Irving Theater in Indianapolis, Silvie’s in Chicago and The Cricket on the Hill in Denver. As of April 2007 they have performed a total of 82 times.

In March 2005, the song Caffeine from Fight or Flight received national airplay on the Alan Kabal Show ( during its “Moment of Greatness” segment, a regular piece that features unsigned bands. Caffeine is also featured on an off-roading DVD titled Wheeling the Northwest 2, produced by Donkey Worx Productions ( The band was also selected to perform live on a television show in Ellensburg, Washington called Ellensburg Extreme. In April 2005 the band received some praise in issue #98 of local Seattle music publication Tablet Magazine ( Starting in January 2006 the band launched a national specialty radio promotion with Notorious Radio. In the first week they charted on Friday Morning Quarterback ( at number 13 with their single “Homeward Bound.”

Aces Over Kings’ web presence is growing by the month. The band has over 30,000 friends and 75,000 plays (and counting) on, and has a presence on nearly every major punk and music internet website. Fan mail has arrived from all over the world, including England, Canada, Australia, Philippines, Germany, France, Denmark, Japan, and the US.

The band has worked hard to market itself in ways that are both effective and economical. A sizable amount of merchandise is available at every show, including CDs, T-shirts for both men and women, buttons and stickers. They have always given away buttons and stickers at shows to demonstrate their appreciation for the fans.

Aces Over Kings is highly motivated to make a lasting musical impression on both a national and international level. They are willing to work as hard as necessary to make something out of the music and melody they hear in their hearts, and so they will be playing shows, promoting, touring, making friends, and writing music until the entire world has a chance to hear them. Aces Over Kings is here for the long haul, so keep an eye out wherever you are - there’s a good chance you will be hearing about them!


Homeward Bound

Written By: Aaron Jacobo

Now that the waiting's over
There was no four leaf clover
I can finally see the end in view
Through with all the mishaps
It felt like I'd been kidnapped
Now I feel so brand new
Hello old friend this is Heather
I wish I could have known you better
I'm so glad I got to see you one last time

I've been called home into the unknown
Don't be scared I won't be here alone

I loved you for most my life time
Most the time you were my lifeline
My gratitude is with you and is most sincere
We planted seeds, we grew an orchard
Looking back now looking forward
I take my last breath knowing
That you're by my side

You were my love you were my husband
You were my rock you were my best friend
Sleeping's been so hard without you
by my side
And every day I'm going to miss you
No one's there when I go to kiss you
I can't wait until I'm
By your side

Starting Over

Written By: Josh Kostelyk

I’m having my doubts
Bad thoughts are running through my brain
I said this wouldn’t
Happen to me
I feel the dark cloud
Coming over my head
It’s not supposed to rain today
At least that’s what He said

I know. I believe. I’m scared.

This will be the last time
That I talk to you
Know in my heart
That it’s not true
Hope is the hardest
When it’s all that you have
My vision
Is turning blue

I know I’m safe
Cause you hold me in Your hands
Why do I regress?
I’ll never understand
Like angels and demons
Pulling on my heart
Please save me
I’m quite a baby

So much has changed in my life
I can see more clear
Than before
I want all that life has to offer
Even when I know
That it’s wrong


Written By: Aaron Jacobo

The caffeine runs through my veins at an unstoppable pace
but nothing through my brain
Boredom doesn't seem to have its way, well not as much as yesterday
maybe I'll peel myself up off the couch

Don't you tell me that I'm not worthy
I know that I can do something better
I can't stand it, I feel so stranded
When I know that I can do something better

Tomorrow seems to come so quick, I know it happens every week
but I'm not ready
Money never loosens up its grip and my fountain of youth
seems to be empty


Can't get away from the things I bring upon myself
but through my convictions I'll drown my afflictions
My integrity seems to resurface so take this worthlessness
away from me....GO!!!


Sunshine doesn't happen all the time and I know its not a crime
but I feel so lonely
I guess I'll have to find a better way, to make a sunny day
shine upon me



What Doesn't Kill you... (EP) - 2005
1. Starting Over
2. In Your Arms
3. Homeward Bound
4. Daily Dose
5. Bottle

Fight or Flight (EP) - 2004
1. Wrong
2. Caffeine
3. Steve Bradley
4. Hell to Pay

Set List

A full set is about an hour, currently consisting of the following original material: