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Journey through a unique blend of Jazz, Funk, and Soul to bring you the ultimate live Hip-Hop experience. Acethetic and his crew deliver a positive message, reach a wide audience, and will keep the people groovin' all night. Music lovers of all kind will raise their hands high.


Struck with a love and talent for music at an early age, Acethetic began DJing, producing, and rhyming in the late 90's. "Hip-Hop was always in my blood," says Ace. "Conscious lyrics and a beat that hit hard always hit home." Also being inspired by artists like James Brown, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane, Ace began studying Jazz, playing the guitar, and developing his own unique sound. Born in San Diego, CA, Ace emerged on the Underground Hip-Hop scene in 2003 with his debut album "Park Benches". In 2004, Acthetic released his second album "Thoughts of a Wonderer". "'Thoughts' is probably one of my favorite albums," Ace recalls. "I think it best reflected who I was and how I was feeling at the time." In 2006, Acethetic joined forces with drummer David Ely, bassist Justin Smith, and guitarist Erik Groysman to perform at the Epicentre in San Diego for the release of his third album "Reflections". Sharing the stage that night were 2Mex of the Visionaries, Trek Life, Champ MC, Crush One, Self Sounds, and many others. This also sparked the connection between Ace, Opoetik, B-1, and Touch of CAS, which later became the Friend of a Friend crew and encompassed Philasifer, Evolve One, and Jahsun (Olufemi Lasana). Today, Acethetic resides in the Bay Area and is working on his new album "You'll See In Time". He incorporates elements of Jazz with smooth basslines, heavy hitting drums, and rhythmatic cuts to produce a sound all his own. "A true artist must remain open-minded," says Ace. "I try to continue to learn and grow while expressing true emotion, thoughts, and soul." His eclectic beats and conscious lyrics combined with elements of Funk, Jazz, Soul, and whatever else he decides to toss into the gumbo, makes his songs all the more fresher.


Park Benches (2003)
Thoughts of a Wonderer (2004)
Reflections (2006)

Coming soon...
You'll See In Time
12" Single from the forthcoming album
Friend of a Friend compilation

Set List

Each set is unique and covers wide range of styles while keeping its roots in Hip-Hop. The average set is about an hour in length. Sets can be as short as 20 minutes or as long as 1 hour and 30 minutes, but adjustments in the set lenght can be made if necessary. The songs performed are either original compositions or arrangements of familiar compositions (such as reggae and hip hop classics).