A Crucifying Feeling

A Crucifying Feeling

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Modern Rock


If you've ever been moved by the power of raw rock, then you'll be rocked by the power of A Crucifying Feeling. Led by Paris Kalamaras, ACF has been playing local stages and gaining attention from area music fans for over the years. ACF's music exhibits influences from the 90's era of rock.

After watching the 1991 movie "Shout," Kalamaras and several of his friends were inspired to learn and play instruments; with Paris learning the drums and writing lyrics. In 2002, Paris left his home in Greece for the United States, and by 2004 he was playing guitar and established A Crucifying Feeling in Philadelphia.

In 2011, ACF released the "Preston & Steve Song" for the Preston & Steve Show on 93.3 WMMR.

In 2012, The Band released their debut Record called "From Dust To Life".

Rounded out by Jeff Steinmetz and Roger Gilpin, A Crucifying Feeling continues to attract new attention, inspire loyal fans, and generate excitement to the music scene.


The Pumpkin Method

Written By: Paris Kalamaras

See me lying there
You feel my scare
I sense anger
You’ll scream at me

Leave me alone
Cause I don’t wanna hear it
Over and over
And over again
I’m so sick
Of you yelling at me
I can’t take this

The best I try is not enough
The words you speak are made of bluff
Tensions hunger
And feed off of me

The Preston & Steve Song

Written By: Paris Kalamaras

I've been listening since the day this was created
And all the other stations they were boring and were jaded
Thank you Preston & Steve
Marisa, Casey, Nick and Kathy

I listen every day and i never miss a minute
It makes it all enjoyable it makes me really vivid
What i'm trying to say now is that
You are all the best

Preston & Steve
Preston & Steve
You're the best morning
That can ever be

I'm waiting for the time when i can listen to the B-file
The interviews, the music news, the trash it's all worth while
You're like a beautiful tease
Please continue to please

And i just go insane when you guys are on vacation
When you're not on the air it's a terrible sensation
What i'm trying to say now is that
You're not like the rest

I can't listen to nothing else


2011: The Preston & Steve Song (Single) for The Preston &
Steve Show on 93.3 WMMR

2012: From Dust To Life LP