Wednesbury, England, GBR

Achanak are a legendary Bhangra group that fuses high energetic dance music with a traditional Indian sound to form a brand of music that they can call their own. Their talent for vocals and performing makes them a double threat in the world of Bhangra.


Since inception in 1989, achanak remain one of the pioneers of Bhangra music and have been instrumental in taking the genre worldwide. From its record breaking second album which gained notoriety because of its attack on the Thatcherite imposed Poll tax to becoming the first bhangra band to have its music licensed for the launch of X box console 360, the band continues to perform at all the major festivals including Paleo festival in Switzerland with headliners such as Fatboy Slim and Tom Jones. Led by tabla player Ninder Johal, the band continues to collaborate with chart toppers such as Nizlopi as it prepares for the launch of its 13th album.


NACHurally - 1989
PaNACHe - 1990
SigNACHure - 1991
Top NACH - 1992
Q The Music - 1993
Have Faith - 1996
Full Contact - 1999
Code Red - 2003
4 Play - 2005
Bhangraology - 2007
20 Years of Bhangra - 2010
Game, Set & NACH - ????