a child rasputin

a child rasputin


chaotic, sonically otherworldly, mingling the organic and electronic uniquely with a live show that is jaw dropping, awesome, funny and scary in equal measures. Experimental with an underlying pop sensebility


After two unrewarding forays into playing with bands, a child rasputin began experimenting with vocal layering and loop pedals. This led to the discovery that anyone else was uneccessary, that he could create the sound of a band alone. Creating complex rhythms by layering human beat box, and bringing in lush ethereal vocals with some insane effects, a child rasputin makes a sound that is truly his own. As diverse as it is both highly creative and futuristically original, A Child Rasputin is setting the standards for the new generation of musical pioneers eager to change music as we hear it today.
A true one man band, ACR displays truly heartfelt lyrics blended together with computerised, indietronica-styled textures which are fused together with an army of effects and loop machines, in-twined like an Italian vineyard between his big guitar riffs, sustained keyboard notes and majestic vocals.

The child has been leaving gaping mouths in his wake around London, and each gig gets that bit fuller, and continues to push things a bit further. Its unpredictable, its chaos, but there are truly inspiring songs in the madness.


a child rasputin has several releases planned, but not yet available.
A track on the 'Walk Tall' compilation on Little League Records, as well as EPs coming out on Perception Records and Beefy Marauder Records.

Set List

A typical set is around the half hour long, but live shows are unpredictable, and no two are the same.
A typical half hour set would be as follows.
I Want You to Know
I wish I knew your fucking name
The Streets Have Eyes
Life's Over When yer Thirty.
Other tracks that may make a set if shouted by an audience member, or for encores include
Fields of Skin
Live Your Life
The Island