Achille Giordano

Achille Giordano

 Salerno, Campania, ITA

"The magic of classical piano music that softly touches your heart".

His charming piano playing emphasizes the inner beauty of the musical message, with a velvet sound.


Achille Giordano is an Italian pianist who is playing classical music both as soloist and with orchestra.

Due to his great passion for piano, he completed the whole piano studies in only four years, having like a mentor the great italian pianist Giuseppe Terracciano, reaching a good career and receiving favourable consents as well from the public as the critics.

Especially appreciated for “his velvety touch and his sensible musical suggestions”, so as mentioned by critics, he is invited to do concerts also in other foreign Countries like Romania, Moldova and Russia.

He is often playing rarely hidden pieces of classical music and may be considered as a “hunter of musical pearls”, to which gives brilliance by help of piano.

In addition to the concert activity, he also holds masterclass and high improvement piano courses both in Italy and abroad and develops international musical projects.

Set List

The programme for the 2011 is dedicated to italian composers.

1) Galuppi - Sonata in C
2) Clementi - Sonata op.26 n.2
3) Respighi - 6 Pieces for Piano
4) Respighi - Sonata for Piano

This Programme lasts 70 minutes, plus 15 minutes intermission.