Acho, born Onuoha Iheanacho on the 8th of June, 1976 hails from Lagos, Nigeria. The Pop artist, who’s also a Petroleum Engineer by trade, inked a licensing & recording deal with Got Beats Records in March, 2005.

Acho started singing at the age of 13 & successfully recorded his first demo, Dark Morning, at the age of fourteen. He is a singer, songwriter, & music composer in the genres of Pop, R&B Ballad and Soul.

Acho has written well over eighty songs and recorded over twenty-five. He has worked with producers Prince Rolly of Rolls Rock studios, Bruno Iruanya of Multiple Concept Records and Finally Paul Runz of Music Factory, who won the "Best Nigerian Music Producer of the year" Award in 2004. He is also the producer of Achos' hit single, One In a Million. Acho states “my musical influences have been Elton John, Kelvin lyttle and Craig David among others”.

Acho has performed with Nigerian known artists such as Tu face, Faze Alone, & Ruggedman. He has also done collaborations with other musicians like south End, Lord Maro, Guria & Jim Blake, a Lyricist from the UK.

Acho states, "My goal is to bring out the best in music with my smooth, soothing voice & uncanny writing abilities". The debut single One in a Million is already in rotation & his self titled album Acho, was released in August 2007.


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