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The best kept secret in music


"British alt-country"

... Lund's new pride makes music that exists somewhere between Karl Wallinger's World Party and John Mellencamp. If you add a pinch of John Lennon och a bit of Pilot you should be able to imagine what it sounds like. It's something like alt-country, but just as often with british influences as with american.

8/10 - Extended Mix

"A Cure for Rain"

The whole record is permeateted with a throughly wonderful ensamble between the band members. On every song! How often does that happen, I wonder.

This record is paced in a way that automatically opens the sentimental part within the listener. But still it's not a feel-bad record. Feelings are something beautiful after all. Achordian plays on that emotional level, for me at least.

The swedish summers have tended to be plenty rainy of late. This year is no different. But hey, there's a cure! Press play on your CD with this record loaded, when the rain is tapping on the roof. And I promise you, you never knew how delightful rain can actually be.


"Quirky pop melodies"

Achordian's debut album 'My Dear Listener' shot into the Swedish top 40 on its release and its easy to see why. Quirky pop melodies and tender songs make up the twelve tracks here, and they don't sound a million miles away from the likes of Ben Folds Five and Beulah.

The album itself takes some time to get going, opener 'Intro/Heartful of Rust' is distinctly middle of the road, and by the time 'Indian Dollars' comes on you would be forgiven for thinking this was an 'alt-country' combo.

But they're more than that, and as lead single 'Barry (The Storm)' shows, these guys know how to write a decent tune. 'Bjallerup' is a lovely acoustic number and 'Stumble' is a mini-epic.

By the time the album closes you're gagging for more, and the second half of the album more than makes up for the lacklustre first half.

Pick up this album if you like a bit of catchy indie-pop-piano-rock stuff, you won't regret it. I bought this album after hearing only 'Barry (The Storm)'. Maybe you'll do the same. -


My Dear Listener (2004)

Barry (the Storm) (2004)

A Product Of The 80's (2007)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Achordian has been around in different shapes since 1998, when songwriter Jesper Bjellerup returned to Sweden after a year long stay in Boulder, Colorado. Among other things that he brought home was a collection of songs written during his stay abroad. He gathered some friends and formed Achordian to make the tunes come alive.

During the next four years Achordian recorded a couple of demo tapes and had quite a few shows around southern Sweden. When Jesper got the STIM scholarship in 2002 they were able to start recording their first full-length album, "My dear listener". After the album was mixed they gave a copy to Marilyn Records who instantly signed them and released it in the spring of 2004. The single, "Barry (the storm)", reached place 37 on the swedish singles chart and the band toured Sweden during the fall and winter.

At the moment Achordian is completing the recording of their new album called "A product of the 80's". It will be released early 2007 and followed by a tour. They will also have a song on a japanese compilation cd that comes out in November 2006.