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Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States | SELF

Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Album of the week: Achromatik - Odd-I-See"

Hailing from Sterling Heights, Detroit, Michigan, rap artist Achromatik dropped a brand new mixtape this week, 10th of August; & I'm here to tell you that it's a mass of talent compressed into eleven powerful tracks!

A little bit about Achromatik before I jump into the mixtape. He was part of a rock group, & didn't really dig Hip-Hop until he penned a rap song, for fun. That event turned Hip-Hop into a passion, & after a string of projects & meetings with notable Hip-Hop figures such as Kuniva (D12) & Maestro Williams (D12 hype man). His name derives from the word achromatic, which in layman's term means, "without color". A significant thought in Hip-Hop. Not a spoilt brat by any means, Achromatik puts in work & love in his craft. Listening to this project makes this evident, & if opening for the Ying Yang Twins (August 10) wasn't convincing enough of his passion & skills, go back to sleep you hating bitches!

Now, "Odd-I-See", honestly, is straight fire! Every track has a personal touch of Achromatik. The beat selection, the lack of lame bling bling rap & typical mainstream baller music is refreshing, the sound & various flows he uses is pretty awesome; add to that dope lyrics & a conviction in his style, every track is fresh! It's a tracklist you can't get bored of, I didn't! Well mixed & mastered, plus with limited features from Chaos Theory, Mattew Beyer & Sunny Cartel, you'll get to know who & what Achromatik is all about.

The intro sounds like the start of an movie worthy of being ever-lasting, dramatic & ill. This leads into a couple of aggressive & energetic tracks called "The Dope Man" & "Bonfire". If you're a hippie, a skinny jeans reppin dork or a leggings wearing twat, well, you'd probably think these were chilled out songs to play on the beach while getting high. Wrong! These tracks go hard! Fire, fire, fire! "Defining-Nonstop" & "Crazy" are two more "pump up the volume" tracks; which then lead to the slower, heartfelt tracks "Everything Alright", "Back Then" & "Late September". My favorite track off this project has to be "Back Then", a dedication to someone in his life that has crossed over. This one was tugging at my heart. In comes the dubstep ridden "Where I want to be" & guitar laced "Pray for Me", two songs that end the album in a high note. The arrangement of the album is wonderful!

To end, although Achromatik claims that this album is a project of "self-discovery", I say this is a diamond in the rough, worthy of praise! You can't convinve me otherwise! - Megrov - The Music I Prefer


Odd-I-See Track List:

The Odyssey (Introduction)
The Dope Man
Defining Nonstop [Feat. Chaos Theory]
Everything's Alright
Back Then
Late September [Feat. Matthew Beyer]
Where I Want To Be
Pray For Me [Feat. Sunny Cartel]

Bonus Track:
Fire [Prod. N.E.L]

Mixed and Mastered By: Maestro Williams



Peter "Achromatik" Kay was born and raised in Sterling Heights, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. He started music at a very young age, playing only rock music. At the time, he was against hip-hop music and saw it all as talentless and annoying. When he turned the age of 17 he wrote a joke electro hip-hop song called "No, I Got That Phone" just to show how easy it was. After creating that song, he instantly became hooked on hip-hop music. He then went on to write a 6 song EP called "Reflections". He released the EP on Myspace hoping to get feedback but he never received any. He then stoped writing hip-hop and continued to work with his band "Meet My Phantoms". On August 1st, 2009, Meet My Phantoms decided to end their band. When that happened, Achromatik went through a few other bands that all eventually had the same fate. Then in July 2010, he got together with Dan Kelly and formed a hip-hop/electro group called Phoenix Fire. Phoenix Fire released a EP entitled "Go Forth, Succeed", in which it had mild success. They played about 8 or 9 shows together, released one EP, was sponsored by Epyon Royal and even attempted to collaborate with Chris Moore from I See Stars. But then, Achromatik started to get into the hip-hop scene, which ended up causing him to end Phoenix Fire. They played their final show at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit. Still sponsored by Epyon Royal, Achromatik went his own way to write music. During the next few months he would write and record a few songs, until he crossed paths with Kuniva of D12. Kuniva talked about conviction to Achromatik, explaining that he need more of it to show people his abilities. Achromatik also met Maestro Williams, a hype man for the group D12 and owner of Silent Riot Entertainment. Achromatik would continue write more and more songs, none that really stood out and he would leave his current sponsorship Epyon Royal. He would try many different flows and styles until he found the perfect one. Achromatik finally saw a glimpse of it in his most recent release "Bonfire", he found his sound but he just needed to find his flow. Odd-I-See is an adventure that he put together to find his flow, sound and lyricism. Everything on Odd-I-See is different, no two songs sound the same because he needed to find out who he is before he can have a permanent sound. Odd-I-See fits the title perfectly, this mixtape is very odd. But in this mixtape, you will hear songs that not only push the boundaries between right and wrong, but you will hear the love and pain Achromatik has been through. Odd-I-See is just the beginning, will you be a witness?