Acid Baby Jesus

Acid Baby Jesus


Haling from Greece, ladies and gentlemen, Acid Baby Jesus. Although they could be from the 60s, members of the Alice Cooper Band, or Mars - they are not (those things aren’t possible, well I guess they coulda been in Cooper’s band, but they’d be real old and they aren’t).


Acid Baby Jesus represents the future of heavy psych'n'roll from an isolated, ancient civilization. Combining the ruthless elements of American outlaw roots music and celestial glam rock, Acid Baby Jesus suggests the Rolling Stones at their wearied best, with electrifying hi-jinks of Brian Eno bulldozing the swagger into the darkest corners of the cosmos. Deathly dirges claw forth with twisted, underlying skronk, ending with terrifying bacchanalia of a pack of disgruntled flying monkeys. Elsewhere, trance inducing lullabies crescendo into fully erupting cacophonies of feedback and distortion.


- "Voyager 8: Acid Baby Jesus and Hellshovel Present..."
10" Slovenly Recordings, 2012

- "LP"
12" Slovenly Recordings, 2011

- "Hospitals EP"
7" Slovenly Recordings, 2011

- "I'm a Baby / Salt Chunk Mary"
7" Sound Effect Records, 2010

- "Acid Baby Jesus"
Cassette Self Released, 2010