Calgary, Alberta, CAN

Crushing guitar tones and slinky slide riffs.... Acidjac

Thundering bass and natural drum tones... Acidjac

Wailing vocals and lyrics with some heart to them... Yup, thats the sound of Acidjac


With vintage rock styling, new insipration and a touch of the blues, Acidjac brews their own brand of rock n roll. Aside from comparisons to classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Jefferson Airplane, Acidjac also has an energy kin to more modern bands such the Dead Weather or the Black Keys.

Established in 09', they cut their teeth on the Calgary scene before heading out across Canada to record their debut album at Studio Plateau in Montreal. Thier first LP, "Timeless Traveller", was released in July 2011 and showcases the bands musical diversity through 9 tracks of original rock and roll.

In performance Acidjac always keeps the energy high, the crowd captivated and the party rolling with a dynamic show thats as easy on the eyes and it is on the ears.


Timeless Traveller LP - Released July 2011 on Itunes and distributed to HMV/Indigo as well as Independent record shops

Set List

Acidjac sets are generally 45 mins -1+ hr of original material. Sets can be extended to include covers