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Calgary, Alberta, Canada | SELF

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | SELF
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""Timeless Traveller""

When the mood strikes for a stiff drink in a seedy bar, there’s a certain type of music that goes perfectly with the scene. You can almost hear it now: a bluesy rock with smooth guitar licks, sultry, smoky vocals, and barely restrained passion. Outside of movies or 1978, this sound is actually hard to find. Many bands try to create it, but Calgary’s Acidjac is one of the few to actually pull it off.

Acidjac is already recognized as one of Calgary’s best bands and with the 2011 release of their debut album “Timeless Traveller”, they show why they deserve that title. After undergoing a transformation that included the addition of a new lead singer, Acidjac has re-emerged with a solid sound, strong chemistry, and an album to blow you away.

This really is an incredible album. The nine tracks vary between soulful blues and heavier rock, showing awesome diversity and multi-dimensional abilities with well-practised artistry and the passion of true rockers. The band’s sound is reminiscent of classic bands like Led Zeppelin, Heart, and Pink Floyd, combining phenomenal lead vocals and absolutely tight instrumentals. Singer Liz Stevens has a voice that soars, and in tracks like ‘Deja Vu’, ‘Wait’, and ‘Elevate’, we hear an incredible blend of vocals, guitars and percussion that just seem made for each other. The end result is a completely wicked achievement, nine tracks to love and a future to be reckoned with.

2012 is the year of Acidjac, and “Timeless Traveller” is your ticket in. Samples of their sound are everywhere: check out their website, Facebook, Sonicbids, or MySpace for a ton, and watch the video for ‘Deja Vu’ here! You can download the album on iTunes, and for something awesome, get to one of their shows. In a seedy bar or alone in your basement, Acidjac is the right soundtrack and you are going to love it. - Indie 403

"One Album You've Got to Buy This Week"

A link to our interview with Faser for Shaw Cable on his segment "One album you gotta buy this week" - Shaw cable

"Kick ass rock in roll record that can hang in 2011 as easily as it could have in 1973."

From the second you put this disc in you know you’re in for a solid bluesy rock ride.
The first track titled “Down” really sets the pace… but it isn’t till vocalist Liz Stevens
really starts belting it that you know you’re in for a serious sonic ass kicking. The
first two tracks are killer and really showcase all the aspects of the band including an
amazing vocal range and some serious guitar shredding. But the true stand outs on this
record surprisingly aren’t till the last three tracks. The slow and sexy styling’s of “The
Wait” “Elevate” and “Ghost” are perfectly strung together and left me with chills… and a
little smile because not too many bands bury their gems on the b-side in this day and age.
Except for the campiness of “Déjà vu” Acid Jac’s Timeless Traveller manages to pull
off the impossible – by delivering a kick ass rock in roll record that can hang in 2011 as
easily as it could have in 1973. - Darren Ollinger - X92.9 FM


Timeless Traveller LP - Released July 2011 on Itunes and distributed to HMV/Indigo as well as Independent record shops



With vintage rock styling, new insipration and a touch of the blues, Acidjac brews their own brand of rock n roll. Aside from comparisons to classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Jefferson Airplane, Acidjac also has an energy kin to more modern bands such the Dead Weather or the Black Keys.

Established in 09', they cut their teeth on the Calgary scene before heading out across Canada to record their debut album at Studio Plateau in Montreal. Thier first LP, "Timeless Traveller", was released in July 2011 and showcases the bands musical diversity through 9 tracks of original rock and roll.

In performance Acidjac always keeps the energy high, the crowd captivated and the party rolling with a dynamic show thats as easy on the eyes and it is on the ears.