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"Radio Astronomy --Album del mes"

Pionero de la música electrónica en Honduras y mente maestra detrás de algunos de los más grandes éxitos musicales producidos en el país, Acidmunky nos sorprende una vez más con Radio Astronomy.
Energizantes ritmos y deliciosas melodías, majestuosas armonías y perfectos compases; todas se juntan generando sonidos de otro mundo que, fusionados con algunas de las voces más originales y destacadas de Honduras, producen una explosión de talento como nunca antes se escuchó en Honduras.
Radio Astronomy se asoma como vocero oficial de la inesperada evolución musical en Honduras, derribando fronteras, sentando precentes, superando expectativas. -



--- Phatmama 2002
--- Tribet 2004
--- Tu dulce Mirada 2005
--- Move On 2006
--- One More Step 2007



Acidmunky "The Beat Machine"

Jeffrey Peñalva, A.K.A. ACIDMUNKY, his versatility and talent in the electronic scenery precede him and have turned him into one of Honduras favorite artists/producers. Born in March 23rd, 1983, in Honduras C. A. Began his career at the short age of 8 years old, creating sequences of sounds in an old Yamaha synth that belonged to his father. Being his passion, Music, he received drum and piano lessons. At the age of 16 he experimented with Hip Hop beats and rap but yet his sound was different.Acid then traveled to Europe in 1998, where he was introduced to the electronic scenery. Creating afterwards a combination of sounds, started mixing drum n bass, house and funk were he played at European Pubs/bars and small house parties in London and Malaga Beach, Spain.

This talented artist is now one of the electronic pioneers in Honduras. After his arrival from Europe, Acidmunky started his career by mixing & Producing electro House, Jazz and funk, songs and worked on a unique live set in various parts of his country. This way, Acid became the first Electronic Live Act in Honduras and through out his career has gotten various recognitions. Pepsi has sponsored several tours around the country, and opening acts for international artists in concerts. In 2005 Acidmunky participated in Pepsi's battle of the bands playing live in every opening act.

Acidmunky has just finished his new record named "Radio Astronomy". This album contains his contribution during the years in the electronic scene. This Original Production compiles the sounds of live percussions, vocal synths, Jazz riffs and progressions, and funky rhythmic breaks. Included in this new release containing the hits "One More Step", and "Come Back". ACIDMUNKY has marked the transition of many other musical artists in Honduras , this Producer/artist is now reaching for new horizons to attain international recognition as he is a fresh proposal of creativity and innovation in the musical industry and live performances.