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A City Alive

 Appleton, Wisconsin, USA

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Still Time

Written By: Ben Picker

In your room alone
It's waking up with you
The memory's cold as stone
And your heart is too
You're slipping through the cracks
Trying just to get away
Stuck reliving your past
And you're running from grace

Is this all you'll ever know?

Try not to cry yourself to sleep anymore
Honey, you've got so much that you're living for
There's still time
Take off your shoes it's safe now you're running from
everything that you've always been saved from
There's still time

You hang your head so low
And you do you your best to hide
These feelings won't let go
But neither will I
So lift your head up high
Look to daylight
There's a time to cry
But it's not tonight

Someday I hope you'll find it.

Weathered Years

Written By: Ben Picker

You can climb the mountain tops but you can't change the rain
It took me a while to find myself but I found myself again
There's a reason why it hurts so bad when you fall
I'll just keep climbing this wall

Every night I fly across the ocean
Clouds below me cover all my fears
I'm still crazy for you, baby
Even after all these weathered years

You came to me in the middle of night
Before you had a name
I never knew that fear could give way like a flame
Even when you feel like you're not shining at all
We'll just keep climbing this wall


Written By: Ben Picker

It's the sound of everything
It's the sound of nothing all at once
I am listening
But right now I just can't hear your voice
I know there's something wrong with me
But I know that I will always be enough in Your eyes

It's not easy
That's why I need You

Everywhere I look it's grey
Where is the sky that I once knew?
You feel so far away
I just want to be close to You.

Someday I'll be home
Someday I'll be home
Soon I will be home with you.

Make You Move

Written By: Ben Picker

I can't stand it
You're all alone in the back
Like a victim just before a sneak attack
I can't stand it
Don't try to ignore
Just get on the floor
What are you waiting for?

Don't live your life like it's already over.

You've got to prove you want it more
Take it off the table not off the floor
Time is your only enemy
You've got to be what you're meant to be
The beat is taking over you
It's just enough to make you move.

I can't stand it
You built a wall with your pride
Life's a dance floor
You can't keep living off to the side
I can't stand it
You're meant for much more
Just get on the floor
What are you waiting for?

The beat is taking over you
All you've got to do is choose
This is what it's coming to
It's just enough to make you move


A City Alive LP - 2008
The Sound Of Nothing - 2010

Set List

A City Alive plays up to 3 hours of original music with several select covers.